Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | July 2, 2005

Starting Hostel 2005…

it’s certainly a bit hard to blog without the semagic client, but far easy to surf the web with high-speed always-on internet. classes officially started from yesterday.

we had a inaugural function but i s’pose not all professors had dropped in nor all the students. the marking system as explained was extremely different.

1. all the scores gathered from 1st year to 3rd year, including surprise tests, quizzes, viva-voces, end-term exams determine the CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) which determines the kinds of job openings that’ll be open to us. An intermediate evaluation of performance is done after every semester to obtain the SPI (Semester Performance Index). The CPI/SPI determines the class as follows: –

  1. Distinction – >8.5
  2. First Class – 6.5 to 8.5
  3. Second Class – 5.5 to 6.5
  4. Pass Class – 4 to 5.5
  5. subject to change on verification

these cryptic numbers are derived by a formula ((sum(Gi*Ci))/(sum(Ci)).
Ci is the accumulated credit points for a paper/course. Gi has something to do with your gross marks (i.e. actual score in tests) have to verify.
The scoring/grading into these classes is relative. So if all class scores 90% and you score 75% — you FAIL!! and have to repeat your paper (brrr).

Professors who attended the function were:-

  1. Yma Pinto
  2. Ramrao Wagh
  3. Ramdas Karmali
  4. S.Bhaskar
  5. P.R. Rao

they talked about placements, lab, course, library, scoring, campus layout (surely confusing for first timers). Mostly the Goan students had turned up since some more of the outsider’s list are on waiting till 7th july.

we had a practical lab at 1430 involving linux basics and a split file c code of string compare (whatver that means!!). the evening went as mundanely normal as it could. had dinner early as the canteen gets crowded very soon. slept by 2300 (DP dozing!! wtf! right? but not after i get to work late nights at the lab). the resident seniors are to arrive in a fortnight…so after that, i can login late night.

  • todays classes start from 1430 so this free time to update my journal. 🙂
  • food is damn cheap and quite edible in the canteens. 🙂
  • ilug-goa yahoogroups is blocked by ERNET. 😦
  • my partner is to move in today. Solitude Destructor 😦

UPDATE: LJ now supports tags to organise my entries into meaningful (well almost) categories). YIPPEE!

i will be tagging most of my entries from here onward but not the previous ones.

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