Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | July 8, 2005

less free lectures and more work

intermittent blogging = randomly expressed huge pile of thoughts, so excuse the logical mistakes

first thing i chose to become coordinator for the first 15 students (by roll no.) of FYMCA for the PL16 (Information Technology Lab) paper…more like Milind…err Sir chose me. First work was to ensure the old lab (which are to be given to “work” on by the FYMCA and used mainly and only for open-source developments) had Linux on all the PC’s before Monday. He also did a call for presentations by the students. 6 out of 30 people chose and wrote down the topics on the board. I wasn’t really that smart and dumbly picked up one of the topics already on the syllabus. to make it short….it’s LATEX (say lay-tech).

still had a lot of free lectures until today as both the remaining subject faculties (mgmt. and maths) are now appointed and we are having both of them today.

the guest house chicken fried rice is better than the university canteen chicken fried rice…but less quantity. šŸ™‚ mess starts might be this coming monday.

haven’t been studying rigorously yet…

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