Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | July 27, 2005

seminar in khandola

It all started and got delayed by a serious case of loOoOse motion, but somehow ajay wasn’t too furious, good good…he understood my problem. Khandola college as I found is closer to Ponda, but was a long ride from the university. we reached about 12 pm or so. Here’s what happened : –

  • First we met Mr. Lucas (soon to be Dr. Lucas) who is teaching mathematics. A lot more teachers whom ajay knew well greeted him. Then met some of ajay’s juniors, then rules, holy devil (HD), et cetera. Was introduced to the HOD as well as the principal of the college. Then the session started. Usual bloody formality of introduction, but good efforts all the same. my name got introduced with a bit o’ difficulty and we were presented roses…why not sunflowers? or pitcher plant? ajay’s taken both and hope he’s taking good care of them.
  • Ajay started showing the “Revolution OS” movie on the Open Source Operating Systems, which I myself had not seen anytime before this. A lot of the popular quotes of the FLOSS guys were heard in the movie…but alas they didn’t have loud speakers, neither a LCD projector, hence good reason for LLB’s to sleep.
  • Ajay interrupted the video midway and got started on his talk wading through interpreting open source licenses through projects that can be done using only open-source tools/framework, concluding into introduction to my topic: RSS (Really Simple Introduction).
  • Mounted my pen drive containing the sxi slides on the m/c in which the movie was being played. learnt to start impress from the xterm window: – ooimpress . Although the projector wasn’t available, but the slides came in handy for my reference while giving the talk. As the net wasn’t available yesterday for this last-minute person, the slides were few and informed in less detail, yet proved more than sufficient for the students….already ajay had made them so nervous, homework assignments and what not! I’ll try and make my stupid slides available…possibly on Yahoo briefcase…any better ideas? LUGgerz??
  • Conclusion: You should’ve seen the face of the girl who was gave the vote of thanks (more like “shut the speakers” speech), she screwed up the face like almost swearing to kick us out or something….or is it original feature? (hope not πŸ˜‰

HOD Anita gave us a lunch treat, where we discussed (better word for chitchat, but nonetheless useful). We moved to the nearby ‘gaddo’ (private canteen) and then pushed off towards hostel/home.

Back in hostel, I found I didn’t miss much. I told Antesh (TYMCA) about my day and also were discussing his seminar topic and lots other things…always a cool person to talk (sense) to.

Haven’t printed out my programs yet….gonna get screwed royally, but can’t help…don’t know where they keep stationery.

p.s. As a speaker I got Rs. 250 from the Khandola College. EPS=Earnings Per Speech


  1. Good One

    Good 1 DP the girl is my class mate & i told abt this to her .. . SHe said she liked ur seminar and that’s her faces falt πŸ˜‰

    • Re: Good One

      i hope i can visit your college safely next time. i really was feelin nervous with that kind of look….but now i understand.

  2. Hey guyz

    Happened to click on DP’s blog link ..
    DP’s turning into a true blogger i guess ..good work man!
    some one should start a blog on the Indi-tech scene .. linux,
    hardware etc .. like a indian slashdot .. DP any pitches? πŸ˜‰

    chao .. gotta get back to HaCkIn some UML (user mode Linux)

    “Wherever I may Roam ..where i lay my head is home”

    • Re: Hey guyz

      caught up in work, if u can believe from the frequency of my updates.

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