Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 16, 2005

2 preventive shots and a cure for PHP overdose

forgot to mention yesterday that i took 2 vaccines last 2 days (each on one day) for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Arms are a bit more ‘solid’ now 😉 It’s definitely much needed for us eating out for almost the entire week.

monday milind had finished php and photoshop in 3 hours!! Crash Course institutes kucchh seekh! The shortest duration course I’ve read about is SAMS Learn xyz in 24hrs, buit this just take away the cake, the baker and the bakery. I’ve learnt php for an entire year through the course of my grad project development and it’s not php=pata hai pahelesay (already know that) that anyone cud cover it so quickly and make sense. If this is how students learn so many prog lang’s as and indicate them on their cv, then the future of IT-preneurs really suck. I also had used photoshop for a while and unless your an (digital) artist with the knowledge ofall the professional tools that one has to use to touch up images or create new ones, demo-ing the toolbar buttons and stating their names will just be like hearing greek. The original licensed version costs above $650 and naturally it’ll be affordable by someone who makes and (can) sells da vinci quality paintings made using photoshop. what about GIMP?? why didn’t he cover that? It may be not as professional as photoshop but then neither are we professional digital artists. I have an archive of GIMP course received through mailing list.

Anyways although the original PHP manual available under documentation section of is recommended, guys take a look at the tutorial at You might also take an objective exam from here.

Among other net findings is this interesting bit about a german chap using vegetable oil to cool his PC. oil-cooled…who’d ever imagine that. Check out his (german) page here. u can use translation tools from google or altavista to get an idea about his writings but u can see a lot of images of his project here.

got an early class tomorrow…yaWn %-)

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