Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 27, 2005

DP logic works again! :)

finally back from the dead…well not quite so much, since i’m still stuck in this shitty indipop area, till sunday when our IT lab test gets over, and i can head back home to my metal grave…the sound i’m too impatient to hear.

the tests got over and …err well that’s about it…no further comments 😉 well actually, they weren’t answered in flying colors, but a lot depends on how the examiners evaluate the papers.

we all had to fill up and submit a feedback form rating the lecturers on different aspects on a scale of 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree). I took a hell lot of time, just so I can substantiate my opinions. Some quickly scribbled some numbers…am sure they must have been lookin forward to this form to vent out their criticism. AFAIK since blowin the lecturers up with all 1’s won’t help any student particularly as such, there’s no harm in totally 5’ing them in the sheet. i took the extra time to form opinions that contained every rating from 1 to 5 (i wasn’t using rand() function, just my knees 😉 after all we ain’t passing a judgement…just a vote towards it 😉

the entire week was a bit surprisingly less busy, since the tests were of 20 or less marks (average) and we had no classes/lab for the rest of the entire day.

parallelly I also helped RIT, Shiroda to get in contact with Dr. George Easaw (Mech Engg. Dept., GEC), who as it turns out from the feedback from my friend in RIT (who requested me the favor) seems to be an absolutely amazing choice. I once again thank Dr. George for accepting their invitation and help spread FLOSS a bit more.

Nothin controversial this week….no one to fuck with 😉 the remainin presentation’s are eagerly awaited till tomorrow afternoon.

listenin’ to Pantera:101 – Official Live at the fuckin’ loudest blastin volume in the old lab all to myself.

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