Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 29, 2005

surviving presentations….

starting with the two remaining presentations……. 🙂 (here we go again) : –
we got to see two related presentations, pollution and terrorism (u know how they relate n all). both of the groups even though got an extra week couldn’t make much use of it b’coz of the tests preceding it, one was tolerably timed with speedy slide transitions and a few ups and downs. and the other went on and yawn (i know some feel offended when their “extra” efforts are termed long and boring but they know the reality…”i don’t give a fuck”). in both the cases the “introducers” gave a good lead, which then lay to rust as the rest then followed with slides workin more than presenters. there were of course exceptions, who cud’ve done better if not for the language problem. had the marking been group-wise the lead wud’ve helped but the introducers got the benefit of their preparation themselves.
both the presentations had relevant images and neato slide animations but for the stupid fucked-up medieval age LCD projector which forms a shit-colored hole-like image on the screen contents that the projector is projecting, some of the interesting pics were so hard to make out.


  • Although I suppose the (types of) pollution wasn’t enough for all the members, so one had to exclusively deal with the solutions, but as one of the audience i’d suggest the solution of each pollution type should’ve followed immediately after. It’s easier to connect the problem and solution that way, rather than keeping it all in the head. I know it’s a bit tricky when wanting to suggest solutions that are common to more than one type of pollution, which could’ve formed part of a conclusion kind of part.
  • The images and explanations on the slides were all of the right amount, hence told a lot at first glance itself. although topic is vast but even some details also got highlighted (and absorbed with interest)
  • Overall the presentation was so complete and wholesome, there weren’t anything questionable in the presentation
  • My intention of putting forward the query was not to put the guys in trouble or to get graded for it or anything…their presentation was interesting which made the always-the-same-topic pollution issue look so interesting, which led me to think they did take adequate interest in the topic, which led me to think that we could’ve had some interesting discussions, regarding educating rural people about prevention of pollutants (majorly humans)…the answer is not definite, but it wud’ve been an interesting brainstorm session (should others have butted in too)


  • Terrorism seems to have a taken a toll on these guys…they went on and on and on and on and yawn…i fell asleep (don’t worry i won’t speak bout that part)
  • It was quite clear that except 1 or 2 of them the rest of them hadn’t prepared, there’s also the acceptable excuse of bad command on english
  • The slides although spiced up with images, often became too ‘spicy’ and unbearable owing to the length/acres of information stuffed into each slide, Even after colecting the slides for reference purpose it won’t be referred quite often owing to the extra time it’ll always take to get the required things in focus.
  • My favorite and possibly the “winning” slide of the presentation was the graph of all terrorist groups and how they are linked with each other. It was usually reminding me of the XHTML Friends Network, the XHTML standard for identifying related blogs on your blog through means of a rel=value attribute in the <a href> tag in your blog.
  • I fell asleep, when I heard, brajesh wasn’t goin to take a break after the ‘terrorising’ presentation…i was like,…zzzzz.zzzz….zzzz….too tired.
  • The only presentation with the “introducer” (kinda like your guest star) doing a re-entry and concluding the presentation….Ab sab log jaag sakte ho.

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