Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | September 5, 2005

myself, …mr. virus

the flow of posts had dried up a li’l bit coz of the suddent internet access outage at the comp lab. Phy. Dept. blocked it seems the old lab gateway, since it detected malicious behavior/files on /from some of the IP’s in that range.

Inferences : –

  1. Virii : – We got AVG 7 (Ace Virus Grower) which is such an amazing product always giving a good feeling by updating (best known to them) updates (sometimes more than) daily and giving “No Virus Found” after turning the pages of the files for more 3-4 hours. Only the resident admins were to do the cleaning job….we cleaned happily πŸ˜‰ removed a lot of apps/games/docs (kept in the wrong folders).
  2. Spyware : – People are still so unaware about what is spyware, why it’s so harmful and what the hell, tools like Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Aluria’s Spyware Eliminator, Spyware Doctor, SpySubtract PRO, etc. are made for. For a detailed article click here. Scanned some PC’s which had been fortunate enough to have Ad-Aware installed (couldn’t start the LAN, just to keep things safe where they are), but average rating of critical objects were around 4.0, except one which had cydoor, coolwebsearch and many more. i’ll speak later on how wonderfully effective ppl are at downloading and installing spyware (and i used to think only maa is so credulous in clicking “yes” on every dialog box).
  3. Me : – ohh yesss!! Even I was suspected to be one of the causes of the net outtages since, the real reason (which they finally found out) was that the IDS ruleset had somewhat been reset and hence, everything was getting blocked…reminds me of shorewall which is a fantastic GUI for iptables but by default blocks all ports and connections till a whitelist of allowed ports/no. of packets etc. is prepared. I’m the one who knows something worthwhile….to do some nasty work in order to screw my own source of internet access thru the lab. weird…Weird….abso-fuckin-lutely WEIRD!!
    They’ve even blocked the Jabber protocol port and so is my MSN access. Gaim is now nothing more than a stupid Y! Mess.

Well finally they have restored the ruleset and net’s up again.

Had another lab test last thursday on “problem solving using c”. although the output was correct for all people, the method was disastrously far out of reach of the efficient one. had to count how many steps a dog jumps from a given location in a matrix in a given direction to jump off the boundary of a matrix. instead of getting the difference, we literally made the program jump (iterate) step by step. same answer but more work…more code…more crap.

V.V. arranged for a new PL16 instructor (Shilpa). It seems he wanted me to announce it to others to gather in the lab on wednesday….i still wonder when. reached there a bit late since wednesday is practz for 2nd batch. vv had already intro-ed the instructor, and as i gathered from trailing sentences, he was stressing on us students to mandatorily have an email address, that we should use extensively and feature on our website/blog. being DP for so long, it’ll take a substantial time to get back to the “real” me which I have to present as the person representing the email addy.

Comment this article, whether y’all would like me to get a new email address for my real name communication…OR…switch the “sender’s name” setting to my real name in my existing email address whenever there is a need for some formal communication.

Here I’d like to suggest a spam-thwarting technique of publishing your email address. Never give your email address in it’s original form, but obfuscate it. the ‘@’ symbol is to be written as ‘AT’ and the ‘.’ is to be written as ‘DOT’ (excluding quotes). e.g. an email address can be written as pintooo15 AT livejournal DOT com. Furher obfuscation can be introduced like pintooo15 AT REMOVElivejournal DOT com. with specific instructions in the text to remove the ‘REMOVE’…instructions for the humans, not for the spam-bots. I do find some people writing their email addresses in a human-only readable format but at the same time making it a mailto: hyperlink to their actual address…not useful coz the bot might as well parse the source and harvest your address.

He also (as i gather from the (positive) reactions) impressed effectively on the students to have their own blogs, haven’t ever used ’em for any official purpose except for my grad project (team blogging). maybe vv does foresee some use of the blog. gotta ask what he’s views are. For starters, I just sent out invites to my batchmates to create their blogs on, reasons being that : –

  1. LJ is built on open source software and the documentation is available for every implementation detail….this helps you to be free to choose/design your own blogging client, since the protocol is not an obscure secret.
  2. The invite system introduced by livejournal this time, allows a LJ user to send a standard invite message to any number of email addresses of his/her friends (usually). blogs created this way add the inviter as a friend (aka adding a blog to your blogroll) automatically.
  3. Although the LJ Free Account has many limitations (which an average student needn’t even bother about) unlike gets regular supply of funds thru it’s paid accounts. you’ll ask who would pay for a blog that already comes free and is built on free software. well, journalists do, reporters do, software project teams do, SME execs do, lecturers do. one example wherein recently LJ blogs came in useful is where paid account members are reporting on the aftermath of Katrina in the US thru voice posts and lots of LJ community are collecting donations for fellow community members who were at the receiving end of the hurricane.

It’ll be also wonderful to see people setup their blogs from scratch designing their own templates, own scripts to submit posts to an online database and to populate their own blog with those posts designed by their templates. the most popular blogging base code being WordPress which is a set of scripts and templates written in PHP and is open source. WordPress allows you to set up a blog customized entirely to your needs on the web space you’ve purchased (free servers with php/mysql support are not reliable in the long-run).

Thursday, parents were to go to mumbai, so i went home to look after li’l sis. since we both had classes the next morning i returned back to university, only to find later that the parents’ flight scheduled at 1600 on friday, departed mumbai 6 hours late…wish i had stayed back for friday as well. (sigh!) but at the same time i’d missed a lot of classes. many had done wonderful powerpoint presentations, did a lot of research (re=again search=what other’s have taken pains to find already πŸ˜‰ on the internet, as per the mgmt. lecturer’s instruction/advice/recommendation/suggestion/idea, but at the same time the absence of LCD and the lecturer’s statement that she wouldn’t come iff she had a presentation in her own class (where she studied..dammit) really lowered the ‘mood’ of the wonderful presenters to excuses like:

  • All my group members are not prepared
  • LCD is not available: who’s s’posed to arrange for that? πŸ˜‰
  • Ma’am told it’s likely that she won’t come….(the rest of the statement is not favorable to mention)
  • I see students workin hard and saying, “Aaj miss ko bolenge, mood nahin hain”. arre wah! yeh toh miss se bhi aage nikal gaye πŸ™‚

Unaffected by the students’ pleas, the ‘bland’ presentations, started with a full ‘cadbury’ and half ‘coke’ gone down (of course, case study). I’ll say bland because the multimedia dimension added thru a computer presentation, not only attracts attention for a long time, but the members of case study groups themselves’ll agree that the cases themselves were so lengthy, that they themselves had to have cue points to remain on track (exceptions to the rule always exist…so don’t jump at me), then consider the state of the audience who are barely relying on their ears and the network connection speed between the ears and brain. Any kind of visual aid is definitely required, so that the audience and the group both get a fair chance at discussing on-topic questions.

slept for like 9 hours πŸ˜€ from 0318 to 1218 since i had no morn classes…just a bit o’ liberal relaxation. went thru a ‘report writing’ lecture.

Defintions from SUKA’s planet

The most substantial/biggest meal of the day, that you have anytime of the day
When we say 2 into 4, it actually is 2 parts of 4 i.e. 2 and NOT (as all you stupid mathematician inhabitants of this rotten earth think) 8

Wonder what went wrong on that planet that SUKA’s trying his luck here….bechara never looks happy….always chid-chida, moonh latka ke…. 😦 bilkul aise hi.

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