Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 12, 2005


my mind’s in that kinda state. thought i’d atleast do the updating in the afternoon only to realize that my head was almost going to explode as i didn’t rest the night before….checking out a cool video of generating a blog using RoR. I mean frameworks make work as easy as the “potato guy” game in gnu/linux. just plug it in and play it loud. although some stuff was not clear like what editor was being used. but the best part is like so many of the inherent checking and stuff that we need to do to validate a page against all possible errors are all defined in the framework. it’s simply great that classes are generated from the table design in your database. doing a php project with no knowledge of framework, i know how much time went into just making the code fool-proof (and then realizing the bastards have no respect for code…only tables is what they wanna see). there’s Qcodo framework for php but that’s reserved for another post.

in short from the tutorial videos what i’ve learnt is that these frameworks make it possible to do RAD with all kinds of checking built-in and is able to generate forms with proper controls almost instantly, something that my vb/access project classmates were doing with ease. however it doens’t just end there. m$ might make it easy for the newbie to drop in form elements on a canvas and add some controls and get the form ready with all basic controls of add/mod/del and backend connectivity added in but as far as i see it that’s bout it. …. isn’t that all that’s there to it. i say does the form look anything close to appealing you to fill it up. a dull rectangle box with all straightforward buttons.
now compare that to the javascript/css combo power u can harness to create real cool aesthetic sites making it a pleasure to fill in details. especially when u r thinking of creating a blog update page u won’t like to fill up a control panel settings kinda window. yes yes it’s also known that vb can be extended on to the web using vbscript….but does that work on all browsers, is it safe to assume it’s installed and enabled (unlikle server-sided content generators like php, python and ruby)? does asp work smoothly with web servers besides IIS.

one particular thing about framework is that they let you focus on the business logic…yes that’s the word. it’s about making the classes/objects imitate more of the real-life entities rather than the program components that comprise it’s lower level composition.

since i watched these thru non-interactive videos, i didn’t get time to verify but the RubyonRails framework when used to create a blog post automatically created scripts to popup a mini calendar to choose the date (instead of 3 mundane dropdown select boxes that i coded for entering date in my project). i saw it in PhpMyAdmin but didn’t know javascript and was running out of time to learn even what the code for the calender generator. in short more time to realise ideas than to work on controlling the misinterpretation of it.

one last thing about frameworks is the testing tools they come with. now what exactly are these? i came to know about this only at my last year’s visit to linux bangalore where i saw Nirav Mehta’s presentation on the frameworks used to testing php pages and found that it’s so heavily used in the industry. i mean where does one have the patience to concoct up so many test values? didn’t remember if there was a randomize function which we cud use. probably we cud. these things should be taught in institutions only and left for learning late at on-the-job training. haven’t tried OOP with php…AAFFTERRR that if i understand the stuff right, i will find sense in using the testing frameworks.

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