Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 13, 2005

IT plans in goa and my dream paper in goa univ.

First about today’s paper which i was trying to blog about in the afternoon but was really feeling too sleepy and heavy-headed to do, so posted some blogthings.
dream paper doesn’t really mean that paper came in my dream and i was 100% prepared for it….i was almost (as good as totally) falling asleep (both brains and eyes) as i didn’t take rest the night before and maa woke me up like 2hrs. b4 i gotta leave…2HOURS!!! to get ready!! aaarrghhh!! it’s a good thing the tears from the sleep-deprived eyes were cooling my face and i stayed awake while riding to univ. from home on my bike. the paper wasn’t all that lengthy. 2 questions. a comprehension and a letter (w/ biodata)…23 marks and 27 marks respectively. like our written exam for P.E. where we cud draw and label 2 grounds for the 2 sports that were asked and we’d get 15+15 30 marks out of 50. isn’t that fun? isn’t that funny that we have theory paper for P.E. during our year 7 of secondary school? must say i did more or less quite well in answering the paper. the comprehension being a passage by Sigmund Freud was the real torture to my half-awake brains.

just heard from home that a lot of delicious IT plans are in the process of being realized in Goa. I looked up the Navhind Times website and came across the article in question here. The specific part that was of interest goes like: –

Addressing a press conference late this evening, Mr Narvekar said as the first step in this direction the government is in the process of allotting 1 lakh square metre of land to WIPRO, one of the IT giants, at Dona Paula plateau on the land earmarked for Hi-Tech Habitat to set up its base in Goa. He also said the government has plans to set up IT resort at Harmal and knowledge industry at Salvador do Mundo, and IT park at Verna industrial estate.

hopefully things get rolling fast. 🙂

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