Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | December 10, 2005

back to now

being back in time to post all those backdated entries left a lot to be said on what’s been happening since the conclusion of event. to sum it all up, a tiring (waking) return journey to goa by K.S.R.T.C. but boy! are they fast!! even with some substantial halts it covered the distance in ~14.5 hrs. whereas KTC takes around not less than 16 hrs. felt really tired generally for the following days so i couldn’t finally get to answer my 4-wheeler’s license test in this year, so i’ve to renew my license. let’s see how long it is before i get a chance to answer this time. i’ll have to check my annual calendar to find if i can get atleast a week free (not even any religious functions) to give the test a shot…6 months within the renewed learner’s license…..ummm maybe it won’t be a renewal because the current one expires by 12th dec. whereas i’ll be leaving for kolkata today and won’t be back till 29th dec. so it’ll be a brand new beginning all over again.

had done a little bit of paid shoplifting at musicworld and crossword to collect 5 musiCD’s (totalling upto what sometimes just 2 eng. albums would be costing) and 3 MAD issues, Arthur Bloch’s: Murphy’s Laws – more reasons why things go wrong! and the Harry Potter:Chamber of Secrets Game. now that i recall it was definitely one of the best evenings in bangalore…sometimes the only reason to travel to b’lore. i know i’d waited an extra day before coming back home, so that cousin cud get off work on sat. and we could just hang out together. besides those little bits that i lifted, it was just food n junk…tried frankie, iced mocha gold (coffee world), non-veg super combo…or something similar (pizza corner). cousin’s friend had already purchased her tickets to “Apaharan” night show, but she was sooo nice to be waiting till we finished and didn’t mind her friends being annoyed at her being late. 🙂

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