Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | December 15, 2005

Cinful shopping

well i agree it’s rather a bit delayed to blog about my first take on city center – the most happening supermall in kolkata, but it does take a lot of time to change one’s habit of blogging late night to avoid the MMR. i’ll try n recollect to the best of my weak abilities to write down what i can faintly remember from a time longer than 48hrs. ago.

Summary:All that a lazy person needs to survive (in style) under one (air-conditioned) roof. Clothes, food, groceries, movies, apparels, gadgets, music, etc. and etc. and etc. things beyond imagination…esp. for people from my place. we spent like 5 hrs. just going thru one part of the city center, so there are more reviews to come. now onto the experiences.

we (me n ma) entered the center facing the inox facade. there was a dance sequence being shot. there was a thick layer of crowd encircling it and clouding the view. so we moved onto the left part of the center…i believe the D block. had clothes, apparel, gadgets, food, etc. browsing thru the appealing stores, i hit upon an acrylic-wool jacket on display at the lee-cooper store. it was part of the winter collection….too comfy when i tried it on….then it became part of my winter collection. 🙂 the store attendant was nice enough to strip the dummy model to sell me that jacket. they didn’t have a spare so the dummy now was standing bare in this chilly winter. :p

we browsed some more and ma did some shopping for herself and then we moved to the Shoppers’ Stop part of the center. Overall experience: Kolkata’s mindset is sick. period. it makes everyone in it sick. well anyways here i made some substantial purchases. got a Reebok sleeve-less hoodie. a sherwani (what a change! from the usual DP clothing style…) but it felt good for no reason whatsoever. then waited for ma to do her shopping while sipping on a free slush (it was so good, i ate the powdered ice with a spoon since it tasted fantastic being dipped in the tangy syrups…forgot the names, will update later) courtesy of javagreen (a sister concern of Reliance) a beverage outlet. just before exiting we happened on one part of shoppers’ stop displaying cell phones…and i had to leverage the good mood ma was in to rope in a good phone. have to do justice to it, so i’ll blog about the cell phone in an exclusive post of it’s own. 🙂

now if you wonder why do i rate my overall experience as horrible…it’s because the central point of shopping – the payment counters are manned by the sickest bastards. if ever the shoppers’ stop employees of other places like mumbai ever get to know, i just can’t tell how they’ll handle the shock. such behavior is somewhat acceptable in some 2nd hand shops or any low profile shops. not even the petrol pump attendants ever find it necessary to ask me to sign the debit card’s payment slip twice just because (possibly) the D on my debit card is somewhat straighter than my sign on the slip. taken lightly, it’s true that signing again isn’t much of a trouble, but being verified and re-verified and that too for a debit card (a card which lets you purchase goods only as much worth as you have cash in your bank account…not promising but actually delivering!). anyways now let me introduce to our next experience that erased all possibilities of any bad memories of the previous experience that i had. presenting “Hangout – the rooftop food court

good food of all types…literally a huge variety. however the special feature of the entire court was the payment feature. purchasing food coupons in advance is passé. here u pay a certain estimated amount of cash to get an on-the-fly loaded debit card to pay for your delicious treats. so no need to open wallet and fumble thru the cash and coins. just let them swipe the card and the payment is registered at the cashier’s comp. from where the cards are issued. all the items and their prices are loaded in each outlet’s terminal. so no manual entering of price n all that. ma n sis had already been here before so she suggested some stuff & i tried some myself….either ways, food was good…but as i heard from ma, it wasn’t as exciting as the first time. i can smell a sick kolkata here. if u want another example, consider the science city which was built over the city’s garbage dump scene. it was magnificent, the first time i had visited. next time, some stuff was out of order. next time, i don’t hear anyone talking about it….looks like “no features remained”….or maybe better things like city center have come up (science to class mein bhi padte hai, who baad mein dekhenge). so am just wishing that this establishment be managed by able people and give kolkata one good reason to let it’s own kind revisit it.
at Hangout we had a “Thai platter (rice n chicken)”, Barbecued chicken, Balinese chicken drumsticks. i know that’s a lot of chicken, but there are reason why i didn’t have mutton or prawns: prawns are seafood and it’s best to have them in goa. there’s no competition to dida’s mutton’s preparation…so why try. we had a fish kobirajee (if u’re a kolkatan or had been to some bengali wedding, u’ll probably know)…so HUGE and with lots of mustard sauce…i just love having mustard sauce (i guess which is why it is such a rarity). i had it first many many years ago at some family function. we ended the feast with the most praised “baked alaska”. my take – “iska asar toh thanda padh gaya”. i’m not really not regretting, coz i don’t have any inkling about what the original version was like.

we sat for a little while more and then we moved onto c3. on the way ma idled away some time at the trinkets shop. since the entire place is air-conditioned, one doesn’t feel the fatigue from walking for soo long browsing all the stores. C3 stands for Cost, Comfort, Convenience. This is the part of city centre which helps fulfill your daily purchase needs (tuki taki jinish). the products on display in the open on the shelves were being refrigerated then and there. so u’re curd, beverages, vegetables are available there itself and they are served chilled!! my first impression was they were new arrivals from the cold storage 🙂 bought some ready-to-eat stuff, coz ma n me are trying to make the most out of this vacation. 😀 we kept our city center tour on a pause for the day, got out of the place, hailed a cab n went home to unwrap all the goodies. 🙂 the total tour took the better part of 5 hours and we still have ~50% more to cover.

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