Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 16, 2006

full size images on flickr

this really is a stupid post for all those who heavily use flickr or for my blog, where i just am feeling like am missing my blog too much 😉

Nowadays with the availability of open content licenses like creative commons people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of sharing their life through articles, photos, audio and video. Sensing this need, services like flickr (now a yahoo company), ringo, blogger, livejournal, youtube, ifilm, etc. have come up rather rapidly in the last 1 or 2 years. and besides these are our photo albums on umpteen social networking sites like orkut, hi5, etc. most of these services are web 2.0 apps (dunno if everything that’s insta-responsive can be identified as a product developed using AJAX technology) and so are very attractive and user-friendly.

Yesterday brajesh4u invited me to join ringo. so had so many others. the invitation comes as “Come and see my photos” (something like that…y’know an offer to share) and once u reach the page it’s like u’ve to sign up (means remembering another password…exposing your details to another site…obliging the unsolicited newsletters…just to see a fucker’s profile who hasn’t even uploaded any pics. 😦 anyways, ma said service is good, this that, blah blah (she even says M$ products ar e good), so i joined…thinking that probably this site allowed us to upload (and display) the original full-sized image….but only to friends….and the PITA is to invitee all friends personally to go thru the torture of signing up to see the results of poor photography of mine, instead of putting up a single link on my blog/website or to the email signature…i haven’t found a way of CC‘ing my snaps uploaded on ringo.

since i was uploading from the lab and didn’t carry the original photos on my pen drive, i thought i had to make do with the low-res photos on flickr for the time being just to get the album started. but to my surprise (am still too surprised to categorize the surprise as pleasant, cool, utter, etc. but i guess it’s all thanks to the yahoo muscle) they have now restored the original photos (hi-res or low-res depending on what u uploaded). so i could have the proper photos with 1152×864 (nokia 6670) resolution on my flickr blog as well some of ’em on my ringo account.

i still prefer flickr coz i can share publicly….flickr has loads of API to it’s service enabling many other sites to include sophisticated search technology to search flickr photos and include on their own sites….besides the friend who invited me has no pics on his ringo a/c

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