Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 20, 2006

attention please

this is a fuckin’ private post….just a reminder to myself that i have dared cross the minimum threshold of required attendance a bit too much.

as i followed the pattern of my missed classes, i figured out the fact that the classes started an hour before than when they used to last semester is the major cause of the deficiency. i do admit wakin’ up late coz of my habits, but then again to get the lab and connection, one has to wait till night and then you have all the fucked up snotty hindi songs goin on’ basically constricting my brain to the verge of bursting.

Things used to be so much perfect in 1st semester…. 1030 is perfect timing.

Why won’t these tears come out
Why won’t my fears let go
This built-up pain inside
Chokin’ the breath I blow

I feel the need to belong, to be longed by just me for all I care
I feel the need to be needed, so i pleaded but no one’s anywhere

Empty skies of hope trynna wash my misdeeds
Drowning in cloudburst of betrayal I bleed
Anger through the pulsing veins, in revenge I seethe
No stones spared to kill fake claims to their greed

UPDATE: This post is no more private, but it still is a reminder to me nonetheless

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