Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 25, 2006


The irony of detaining a capable student just coz he studies outside classroom. WTF!

Looking upon the experience I am going through right now due to some major screw ups by the MCA dept. as regards to recording my attendance is perfect example of how, even at post graduation level authorities find childish reasons to detain a student. but then these people aren’t really the only ones finding stupid reasons for putting people in serious trouble and believe me the two examples are apparently not related and the trouble both of them cause has hard-hitting impact.

Heard of the pandemonium that MPAA and RIAA created against P2P software and indirectly against all users (existing and non-existing). they made claims to damages of $150,000 per song that the user has downloaded (dunno bout their offline friends). so far so good (…not to forget ‘so scary’ as well), but then the RIAA, soon made it clear that they were only after the money and so much greedily so that they often did the stupidest of mistakes that would only make anyone ROTFL. First they tried to shutdown the P2P companies and consequently their servers. They initially targetted the U.S. university students who have high-speed access…now instead of humiliating the students, by telling that the univ’s have no responsibility, they could have allowed only white-listed ports and applications through the net…but then there are just about so many workarounds πŸ˜‰ Somehow they probably found out that these kids won’t be able to pay (…so far the most intelligent discovery made by those jerks) so they tried demanding logs from the p2p servers (money talks and it talks loudly!) but their IP to address resolution is so poor, there were cases of octagenarians (or almost as old) (wanted to post the link, but had not saved it…examples are being created even today) being charged for 2600 songs (i.e. $390000000…meri toh life ban jayegi itne mein), when she doesn’t even have a computer…forget net (corrections are most welcome…coz i feel am mixing too similar examples). so the jerks don’t even consider that there will be IP-spoofing coz they have announced so loudly and clearly that they’ll be watching the logs.

So you ask where does the analogy between the two (RIAA n MCA) arise? Well MCA dept. (rather Goa University) detains students just because they don’t attend those fungi-fied classrooms with the most horrible unergonomic broken chairs (the assholes can’t even put 30 proper chair-cum-table setups…some people have to write with the notebook on their laps…and it’s not that one need not write anything during the lectures….itna kaamchor…chhyaa).
Similarly the MPAA, RIAA are complaining because people are not buying their original CD’s. Let me tell you as a developing (and far more civilized) nation’s citizen the reasons, why buying CD’s is a stupid reason:-

  • Because they are not available…simple as that. This is very very true for metal music (not creed n lp). It’s much easier and faster (even ur dial-up would get u the album earlier than when it actually hits the stores)to get it from a website/p2p server. There are so many collectible home videos and DVD documentaries that never even come to this place. Now if we want to hear them what do we do, when they are just not made available. ok so we have the buy online feature…but then is it good for people without net connection or say mp3 players?
  • The CD’s are way too costly for the poor quality material that they are made of…somehow now i see that some of the metal albums are coming out…but mostly one or two of the more popular ones and vewry very limited in stock and more often than not disorganized…they are priced pretty cheap than some of the new titles (of bubble-gum pop), and why not, the record label has already sucked the world rotten dry selling a million copies…now they need some small fillups to fill to the brim…their bottomless pit. These CD’s are almost as good as the cheap Rs. 10 blank CD’s that we buy….works for a few months and then shows signs of vulnerability and damages. As a result some people keep a ripped backup. Though it’s not legal in some countries…people can’t lose the songs that they have purchased and sit with hand on hand (haath pe haath rakh kar baithna). Then again, the greedy music companies have tried technology to encrypt the TOC and all ways of applying DRM and other copy-protection technologies to prevent the user from having a backup or having a backup on only a limited number of devices…what if the person is rich has 20 cars with in-built mp3 players?…u get the idea of the ill-constructed rule.
  • There often are unreleased versions or special bonus tracks in remastered versions of existing albums which does not justify, buying the entire album… I believe a solution like compile-ur-own-cd in the music stores should be there…but but but wait, before that, do have more tracks for our species, so that we can make use of the damn facility. Besides, the home videos and other concerts and stuff should be made available. Here I am specifically asking the record labels, coz they have it in their hands, when to release particular product…and in which territory.

So now you know, it’s a big crime, making a noise about shoddy facilities and practices

Somethin’ bout the title now. Well it clearly expresses my disgust with the fucked up attendance shortage complaint. believe me, it was bit of a hard time, facing my angry parents who were upset for some asshole’s disastrous blunder…and to top it all, they aren’t even recalculating till the exams start…WTF!! can’t they see a student is facing such a bad time??
I really don’t give a shit bout the attendance coz all we do is just s(h)it and attend in the craptacular classrooms…so let’s see what happens to my shittendance.. πŸ˜›

UPDATE:Read this techdirt article, that gives you a good idea about the deceiving record labels.

UPDATE2: Here’s the techdirt article that gives the example of RIAA legally bullying people with no computer for downloading songs illegally….muhahaha!


  1. Hmmm…..

    Eita por ichchha hole…My first assignment this sem dealing with Music Piracy…I dont have a lot of say in this assignment coz it was a Critical Review of an article…but read the article too if you can…

    Go to and click on Critical Review. You can search for the original article on google, or look in my bibliography(scroll down on the same page).



    • Re: Hmmm…..

      attendance se lekar music piracy tak!!….arre tell me if piracy owing to low income of population that we get to see in developing nations like ours happen in developed nations of the west.

      i’ll go thru your review and glean all info later when i get time…just rushed thru it. however dekhe mone holo pore reference er jonne use korte paari…how to write a review. πŸ™‚

  2. i wanna hide

    this post is gettin’ fuckin’ popular….lotsa sites blinkin’ it thru their RSS/Atom outlets. knock knock…there…the RIAA have come for dinner… πŸ˜‰

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