Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 30, 2006

spread the fire thru moving images.

This blog is simply growing over me with it’s cool entries…so before continuing let me thank the blog authors for the topic of this post…Thank You!! 😀

Right since the days of Firefox releasing it’s 1.0 version, it’s been one of the very few select communities behind a single application (with a multitude of uses) to have a large part of it’s community solely dedicating their spare time in spreading the word about firefox. There’ve been launch parties (i was part of one…thanks to ajay 🙂 ), donations for a full page newspaper ad (either of ny times or washington post…can’t find the link now), the spreadfirefox website which is full of various banners, buttons, etc. for promoting firefox on your website…umm make sure your site is firefox compatible not just IE….in other words…it’s sane and standard-compliant. finally there are the irritating head-biters like me…who can do the talking talking and talking till u try firefox once. 😀

but hold on…just buttons, banners n booze ain’t enough to impress all types of users on the net. For them, we have Firefox Flicks. a site where users submit their 30 second video ads of firefox. most videos required quicktime plugin…some probably are in flash format…depends on which video sharing service they are being hosted at…probably.
the ads are as cool as firefox…coz they’re made for firefox.. 😛

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