Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 1, 2006

2 new entries in blogosphere

This is sort of a thank you post to my 2 seniors pele n pritam who have mentioned my blog and mentioned me as their inspiration….(that’s a heavyweight word y’know) but am grateful all the same.

sad thing is most people are using blogspot…and why won’t they…it allows hosting pics, it’s a google product, u can change the layout of the blog as u like….u can place ads to earn from google adsense. u can use picasa to upload pictures. and u can have blogrolls of your friends on any sites possible. but leaving LJ is almost impossible now …it’s like my roots have grown deep in it….boriya bistar lekar shift hone mein bahut takleef hai…i already got 2 blogspot url’s of my own, one was for PHP, one i use to experiment with all the cool blog things, and the last one is of an intelligent weirdo. there’s one more wordpress blog but then knowing that majority audience is for my LJ blog, it’s hard to think of some unique concept or theme to make the wp blog interesting as well….for the time being, there might be sporadic updates to it…copy-pasted from my original stuff on LJ.

Now for the blog URL mentioning ceremony… : –

…what can’t find the URL’s….arre baba look beneath the names na…hover (the mouse) over the names nee!

LJ allows private posting….but then i say it all “in your face”…na. LJ is open source…one cool example is of infylug developing a modified version of LJ using it’s source (some details here), so employees can have a SSO and use it as their in-house blogging system. Being open source, it allows easier development of client-side tools like blog posting utilities n stuff. The only roadblock (so far as i have heard) is LJ’s markup language called BML, which as the author claims, is actively used and maintained, but not well documented. so volunteers…let’s see how many of you are there. 🙂 Also check out the company of Brad who developed livejournal. There are some more cool open source products, for running some heavy database driven websites n all. Danga is now bought by SixApart.

…ok now read those 2 new blogs…go ahead!

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