Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 9, 2006

yahoo is not happy with the firefox-google relation

forget lucky search…even simple search doesn’t work

Yahoo provides the Yahoo! toolbar extension for firefox which is definitely a great help for those users who heavily use all the services of Yahoo!, but what really pisses me off about the extension is…it replaces the lucky search feature of google which comes default in firefox.
what the existing feature does exactly is that instead of entering your query in a search box on any search site, you simply type it in the address bar and google searches and redirects you to the correct site. it works majority of the time. useful when you are searching for answers or say some product’s homepage and all you gotta do is enter some phrase of keywords.Yahoo however replaces the search URL string with it’s own URL, which simply opens up a Advanced Search page with no traces of any word/phrase that you enter, so literally you gotta enter again….kinda useless like the early netscape versions with “netscape search” but only worse.

older versions didn’t reset the search URL once you unistalled the extension. some do not do it still and one did somehow. as long as the extension is there, it keeps on resetting the URL….which URL??…open a new window/tab in firefox and type ‘about:config’ (weedoubt the singel kwotes) and in the Filter: box enter ‘keyword.URL’ (weedoubt the singel kwotes) and right click on the entry and click Reset. you might need to restart the browser and most definitely need to remove Yahoo! toolbar.

Correct me, but Yahoo! doesn’t seem to give an option as to whether to mess with the existing settings or not. I mean even the quick keyword searches of wikipedia and don’t work. Second thing is, though i give the steps to be done thru about:config, some sites suggest to use the user.js or some file like that…
what’s the difference? which is more preferred and why?

Now for some sugaring up of Yahoo! I’ve been using Yahoo! before google stepped in…and i still do…can’t help it, they’ve grown from a directory of categorized bookmarks of David Filo and Jerry Yang to a monster which keeps buying internet startups left right and centre….and hands over democracy lovers to the govt. not really giving a fuck about what the poor fellas’ r gonna end up in….umm i guess the sweetness is fading away. 😀 I love yahoo coz it returns more links to my sites/pages….hehe

Sudhar Jaa Yahoo Sudhar Jaa

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