Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 12, 2006

broken bits of surrealised act of breakin’ the law

Careful what you wish
You may regret it
Careful what you wish
You just might get it
— Metallica (King Nothing: Load)

This is one of those useless, baseless posts intended to ward off the popularity bug 😉 Visions through the shielded eyes…decide if it’s a dream or a nightmare…which side are you on?


This is gonna sound weirder but y’know that’s the way it’s meant to be…
Scene 1: I find myself with a weird pen light kinda gadget in my hand…y’know the one which the kids possess more in numbers than the teachers who could use it as a pointing tool while doing presentations using an LCD projector n all. The device looked familiar to me…not from the real life but from another dream…silver shiniing metal body…and powerful enough to heat up any surface in matter of seconds. It seemed to me, that i was distracted (read: woken up) from trying out the full potential of the little gizmo and all i ended u doing was point it on the pavement in front of me and at the max make it hot to make smoke come out of it. But luckily (unluckily for some) I thought of trying out the pen light to it’s limit…and i found a couple of wooden planks stacked at an altitude on a construction site (of an almost complete building framework) to be a nice target. however being unaware of it’s limits…or rather it’s capabilities. it was amazing to watch that straight n steady beam of white light. suddenly concentric circles of the halo of the light beam from the point on the wooden planks where it was hitting seemed to be emanating in conical form. got to see that for like a few seconds and then boom….it was such a big fire and all the wood seemed to be burning in a huge bonfire like firewood. no casualties yet. i spinned back on my toes to face the elevator of (probably my residence) a building and dashed into it, but someone seemed to have noticed the damage n the damage planner (or so would they like to think) and kind of called out “hey wait!” in a way to raise an alarm…but this was my world and i didn’t think giving in was such a good idea….good ideas don’t come to my mind..hehe. the part after this is kinda hazy…umm u can say blank. so over to Scene 2.

Scene 2: I found myself running down a road, which seemed to be magically level with one of the tall buildings whose ground floor seemed to be lost in a bottomless pit. somehow i  thought let’s drop thru the roof and take an elevator ride again…dunno why i chose that building. there was a man on the roof, seemed to be mending something. i went up to him and asked if there was a way to go down thru the roof. he showed the trapdoor, and showed me inside….duh!…u can’t get a worse PJ’er than this asshole. all i was getting down to was a water reservoir tank…i was like “what the hell?” I’ll tell you remembering dreams is such a difficult thing….and that also after so many hours…well anyways, it’s not like i’m reporting an actual incident…who cares for the complete picture. :)…so let’s see how well i remember Scene 3…could be better or worse…

Scene 3: Th entire town carried on with it’s daily life…damn no publicity at all.. 😛 However there seemed to be a feeling of guilt and the ensuing nervous tension built in me…that was just not letting me be existent without some kind of repentance or something like that. It was like some crime, that no one seemed bothered about but the vibes from them felt like i was into big trouble or something. The same people consoling were the same people pointing their accusing fingers at me. So i find myself among my classmates and some seniors too. in between all the noise (read: confusing texture of confusing conversations clouded by the worries in my head) i kind of muttered out a confession sort of to one of my seniors  and he had that surprised expression followed by an ominous clouded expression (i remembered the dialogue, “ab tera kya hoga re kalia”) tellin’ dude u’re doomed!!…yeah right..thanks for the support. dunno why i felt i could trust that person to have a different perspective (maybe he does, but then this was my dream….and not everything was going as per my whims and fancies). It seemed like I shoudl simply give in, but worse part was everyone was accusing but no one was punishing….did that building or those wood planks belong to nobody?? i felt like waiting for eternity with my heart pounding in my chest and me having held my breath in anxiety counting the beats, waiting for (probably) the law enforcers and sitting dejected at a dining table, imagining myself to be feeling the cold and sharp grasps of the handcuffs, while holding the spoon and fork, knowing that nothing’s gonna get swallowed thru that lump filled throat of mine. but no one ever came….nor did any relief come. someone more dangerous came…my maa, shouting to wake me up. 😀 aww man, i am soo tired…Zzzzz…..

The reason I could write this much detail of the dream/nightmare is because I could draw analogies from most of the happenings in the dream/nightmare to people and events in my real life. Secondly, I got an idea from Radha  reading about her special marked entries called “odd dreams”. i say let’s give it a try….see how far i can remember. It so happened that I was actually planning to blog yesterday…y’know a stupid post mentioning my written exams are over but still practz are remaining and so how life is still dull and blah blah! but this surely will be one of my favorites.
One more wonderful thing LJ has done is to allow rich text editing directly from it’s update journal user interface. so i spent more time on remembering and jotting down my virtual experience than be drowning in the tag soup…HTML tags.

So long…till next time……..oh shit! the cops are at the door!!

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