Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 19, 2006

sometimes visitors are worth more than the visits

exams toh nikal chuke hain…ab unhein yaad bhi kaun karna chahta hai….par yaad aati hai ek khaas viva-voce is blog ko jab bhi visit/edit karta hoon…

This is one of those nicest memorable surprising events that happen at the most desperate times. This is about my viva-voce exam conducted by the external examiner (a cool prof πŸ˜‰  ) for the pl-28 subject (unix and windows programming lab….windows programming?? waat eej dhat? the course was basically *nix oriented).

All the students were divided into 3 batches consisting of 2 or 3 project groups each. fortunately all of us 4 (ashu, abhi, birju n me) were in batch III albeit in different project groups except me n brajesh, who formed the smallest project group and as per the group strength came up with some real original work…albeit not so noticeable…but we were satisfied that we did our own homework and understood clearly what the project was all about. one more thing that i’d got the advantage was of the understanding and closeness i have with brajesh (…and the absence of internet that made me work πŸ˜› ) and also being the smallest group helped each of us show our individuality in the code, coding style, etc… was a command-line interpretor and it came up quite well…we spent barely 4 hours on 2 existing CLI codes off the net and the LAN and came up with a stripped-down (well…..naked sounds pretty well-dressed in comparison πŸ˜‰ CLI of our own…that doesn’t trap errors….yeah that’s tR@$h for you!

Batch III had their viva-voce (oral exam) on the 17th May 2nd half of the day (1430 onwards) and we were being called in pairs so our group was effectively present in it’s entirety. Before the practz had started, i’d dashed to the server room to check if the net was working again…and it was but vyrarri vyarri s-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-w….such that the external popped in and wanted to access the net….i was like “kyun nahin kyun nahin!!” but he let me stay on till i’d logged out properly, but then luckily i was using motilal tyrepox (mozilla firefox for the n00b) which lets u clean all traces with the Clear Private Data tool (Ctrl+Shift+Del) and so i didn’t have to make him wait too long and have the wrong impression about my attitude….duh!!

….So anyways as our turn came, we entered the same server room which was now also the oral exam spot as well…with the external examiner downloading something off that painfully frustratingly slow internet line…using motilal tyrepox that i had purposely left on for him to continue and get a feel of….(he’s surely having more than a good hold over it for all i can say). i dunno how the actual viva went like…i don’t even realise which questions were from the PL-28, coz all of a sudden…as my viva partner puts it, “external, DP ke blog mein hi aise ulajh gaye ki mujhe bhool hi gaye” and believe me that was it too be precise in the least number of words. “You have a blog, right?” “what is the blog site name?” (sir pata hai toh aap hi bata do…. πŸ˜‰ well u guys know what the URL and the name is…so you might as well spread the word for me.. πŸ˜€ well then he continued on to some more questions and then again….(to me) “what stuff do you have on your blog?” (to brajesh) “you write the shell script i have given you?” πŸ™‚ however throughout the interview (it felt more like it than an oral exam), he encouraged me a lot about concentrating on my skills and the software tools i was interested in and seemed to have a lot of faith in me…”arre si woh toh dekha jayega, par is exam ka kya hoga…kashti paar hoga ke nahin?”

All in all it was my blog’s day not beause an external examiner visited it and asked me stuff about it, but i guess it conveyed my interests so well, that perhaps the external himself or through someone had got the right idea about what i’m looking forward to be….he said “just two more years…” he had hopes for me doing well in the real world….these hopes are the strongest alcohol/spirit drops on the back of this scorpion…the one who stings…talking of sting, i just remembered, when the external examiner pointed out my blog…i was like…”do i know this guy?? did i screw his name on the blog? did i screw up his bosom buddy’s name??…aww c’mon not now!!” however writing those stinging entries and improving on them through time made me confident in answering his questions about how i felt about the course and lots of chain questions related to my experience with various programming tools. don’t worry the answer to all opinion searching questions were effectively (as rulesmm puts it) apne DP style mein. πŸ™‚ Disturbingly Precise….

I’d like to thank that cool professor for wishing me luck..and having hopes for my future. I guess my open sores are getting a cool breeze blowing over them… πŸ˜‰

QOTD: which other university other than goa university cooks their students for more than 3 years for the MCA course?


  1. need to identify visitors

    On one hand I feel like having some way of identifying my blog visitors…perhaps beyond the simple blog counter, just to get a chance to thank some of these special people…including my regular readers/friends…but on the other hand, i feel if that happens, then i will be deprived of these cool surprises….naaa LJ’s doing a good job…and i’m an obedient goat in it… πŸ™‚

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