Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 20, 2006

4 places to the right

the ever-slow bsnl dial-up had even slowed down the speed of my hopes and the speed at which i would have accepted that broadband’s knockin’ the doors of this rural locality.

this article is a shortcut thru the journey from the 4.8 kbps dial-up connection to 48000 kbps wi-fi broadband; transportation courtesy: BSNL. 🙂

You might be thinkin’ I am joking abt connecting at (just connecting…not downloading…downloading was sort of beyond limits) 4800 bps!! (ya like i care what you think bout all day), but this is somewhere circa 1997-1998. The prices of dial-up connection were so exorbitant at that time (given the shoddy service the drastically lowered prices still don’t justify the ill fate of the dial-up population). When connecting to dial-up nowadays people do a lot of registry tweaks (i hadn’t got into gnu/linux at that time yet…and bsnl helps setup windows pc’s by default) to somehow satisfy themselves that their dial-up could go upto 480 kbps….but during those times pushing the throttle upto even just 19.2 kbps will result in the connection not even surviving one web page download. and as per my experience unnecessarily increasing the connection speed (actually between your machine and the modem), usually leads to modem burnouts (modem goes off and no matter how much you screw in the plug and hit the switch hard, it stays cold) as well as frequent line drops.

So it’s really been a long…rather mundane journey thru a lot of dial-up ISP’s satyam/sify, netkracker, vsnl, bsnl, (probably dishnetdial too), each one having some ‘good speed’ days by luck in the initial stages…just like some newly built bye-pass that’s a bliss to ride on till everyone discovers it and you’re back to shifting gears…in dial-up terms…back to dialing. first jerk of speed came with the reliance wireless card for ma’s laptop. not only was the speed better (it wasn’t phenomenal, but it was like a good connection, staying quite steady) but it connected in seconds which i haven’t been able to do with a dial-up account yet. then soon later as i joined DCST i experienced leased line broadband connection that’s at the mercy of all the sense-deprived blocking rules (they keep coming and going in and out of the network) and the rains and the feathered friends who control the destiny of the satellite dish antenna.

so finally after being laughed at for asking “when is broadband coming to ponda?” for a long long time, i am finally getting to see it, experience it and to add to the fantastic turn of events surf the net and update this dial-up friendly journal from pa’s lappy wirelessly through the wi-fi connection.

mantu dada has done a fantastic job at getting the comp.donkeys to work instantly, when pa on the other hand was just cursing the person who had promised him instant installation, since the payment was done. mantu dada rocks!!

one thing that sucks about the adsl router is that the configuration can be done only through IE, and my winME’s IE installation seems to have just got corrupted (conveniently??) and even my tyrepox loving sis has no idea what happened to IE. wondering if i can do the setup in suse prof 9.3!! IE ka jhanjhat sar pe kaun lega!!


  1. Touche???

    To fir woh album achhcha laga…ya nahi?

    • Re: Touche???

      that’s the only song i downloaded…usse zyaada nahin sah sakta. it was looping thru my playlist toh maine apne marzi se blog pe admit kar liya ki main waise gaane bhi sunta hoon…not because of any media player plugin.
      yesterday i’d got a death metal album from a friend and that was like 1 hr 9 mins torture. no vocal talent required….everyone sings saaaaaaaaame! i’d rather write those verses as poems and be quiet about it.

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