Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | June 3, 2006

Latest LUG posts from India and Asia

crossposted to ilug-ponda.

You must be aware of the fact (atleast by now) that there exists many LUG (Linux User Groups) and FSUG (Free Software User Groups) which have publicly available feeds of their message archive. However the number of user groups/communities are not only very large…it’s hard to find out which ones have online mailing lists…which among these have opened their message archive for public preview (i.e. a visitor can read the messages without joining the group)…and finally, what might be the URL’s of those mailng lists?

One simple answer is Goa-India RSS Aggregator.

It’s a simple website with the message subjectlines from members of various LUG’s, FSUG’s etc. of India (and some more countries of Asia) appearing in reverse chronological order (in simple words you get the latest news first and stale old news buried deep within.
You can expand a subject line to read the summary (the default abstract that a website exposes through it’s RSS/Atom channel) and also read the full article by clicking on the appropriate link.

Although, this site itself doestn’t archive feeds for more than a week…it serves as the perfect LUG newspaper. You get to see all the news, links, software from such a wide variety of sources and yet at the same time, they are guaranteed fresh..thanks to the RSS technology…umm format actually. 🙂

Last but not the least…joining more than one LUG is sometimes not only necessary (to get in touch with a community of people better geared towards answering queries in certain fields of open source/linux) but also encouraged (to volunteer your help to more people than just those in your own user group / community.

Hope you find the resource timely and useful…..or atleast a constructive way of enjoying leisure time.. 🙂

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