Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | June 4, 2006

One Laptop Per Child: Prototype

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$100 laptop prototypes, originally uploaded by Pete Barr-Watson.

First shots of the Nicholas Negroponte driven efforts of MIT to build a laptop (yeah…no huge uncool dabbas) that’ll cost not more than $100. We have desktop brands creating hullaballoo all over the newspapers if they could come with a Rs. sub-10k machine and this is kinda less than Rs. 5000.

But then as you observe from the photo…Nicholas’ teams intention is to make it look such that it identifies with a child and not any adult….so yeah keep your hands away from the kid’s stuff.

Of course when we think of investing in a computer…for the little ones, there’s always the worry of the increase in the recurring electricity costs and other maintainance costs….but this little guy takes care of that in a neat unique way….just crank it up and it’s ready to go. πŸ™‚ ain’t that cool? reminds me of m-80, vintage cars in the calcutta rally, etc.
Although the method is definitely a bit tedious for the electrified among us…it reduces one more excuse from the children of poor countries (esp. of Africa) and also large parts of India (which has wonderful policies for the reserved sections πŸ˜‰

However this is just the work-in-progress but I am likin the devilishly ‘horn’y designs…. \m/

UPDATE:This guy runs (yeah runs!!) on GNU/Linux. One of the photos in the set showed Fedora…Fedora!! the white elephant!!

UPDATE 2:The OLPC due to be released by April 2007 will cost between $130 and $140 but Negroponte expects the prices to come down to $100 by the end of 2008. Read the gizmodo article here. The Fedora flavor tailor-made for OLPC is codenamed Sugar. View screenshot below

OLPC Sugar


  1. how abt Goa govt??

    “technology can never do anything for india…ask the politicians…they care for the poor people…the hungry people….pehle chicken aur beer deke vote mangta tha…ab laptop bhi free mein de denge…slate-chalk ke din gaye.. πŸ˜€
    haan par iske liye politicians ke grand pillon ke liye 3 laptops hone chahiye.”…

    abe govt ki itni bhi mat maar,especially Goa govt(m talkin abt the BJP govt..)..dont u think they hd done a gr8 job by giving comp at 1k to +1 and +2 students…han agar a computer k badle ek vote maangte hai to dene mein kya harz hai?han yeh baat zarur hai ki they operate on the principle “ek Comp do,ek vote lo”..par its not a bad deal,afterall education os what that matters!!

    • Re: how abt Goa govt??

      bura mat maan bhai, but i talk a bit on the all-india level…have u seen how the reservation protests have been overlooked and the students so badly treated…how long does one hide in goa?…one of the smallest state…on top of that.

      is that BJP govt. in power now?…no….did i mention anything specific about government or opposition?…no…it’s a bit like ‘those politicians who hav sucked blood enough…feel like giving back something to society…to lure the next batch of blood donors. on the other hand u’ve those who have just arrived and taken out their straws…these people are criminals in plain sight’

      u’re comparing education, votes and computers, all in the same context?….nothing can be worse than that.
      “giving money to a farmer to buy the latest agriculture enhancement software…does him no good”…similarly giving a computer to a child…and the college students do them no good, unless they are told to use it responsibly. both in bca and mca my batchmates have researched the feasibility of this scheme…more than majority of the students have used it for all purposes except any related to the education you talk about.

      han yeh baat zarur hai ki they operate on the principle “ek Comp do,ek vote lo”..

      …is the same as what u quoted me as saying “pehle chicken aur beer deke vote mangta tha…ab laptop bhi free mein de denge..”

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