Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | June 13, 2006

rhymes to rhythmic verses…the evolution of Diabolic Preacher

this is one of the most tricky posts where i try to capture my experience as a poem writer…tricky since the flow hasn’t really been a one-track thing nor can art (the interpretation of one’s mind’s state) be defined in a permanent way.

It’s been probably since 8th or 9th grade that I’ve discovered my ability to express my thoughts in rhyming lines. some think this stubbornness of mandatorily rhyming lines is not so favorable, but me feels those non-rhyming blurbs are just thought lines…personally i used to hate them when they used to be part of our literature papers in high school…they’re just so difficult to mug up for the oral exams… 😀 well back on track…during those years…before “Diabolic Preacher”, the poems used to be just like any of those usual dose of childish poems about all the values and virtues…in simple language…coz my vocab sucks…but that hasn’t stopped me from blabbering so far…eh? Believe me, at that age during the morning assembly sessions whenever i got the chance to present my stuff in front of almost entire of senior section of AHS, it was a thrill ride for my mind. what made the more experience more cooler (than the chilling morning breeze and the cold stares of the students waiting to get to classes and warm the benches) was being introduced by the assembly program compere with the words “…going to recite (dunno…they might have used the word ‘read out’ for all i care) a poem, composed by himself”. the last 3 words were one of the rarest compliments that i enjoyed during the assembly programs (perhaps alongwith a handful of others…i mean there are lots more talents out there).

One of my unique habits as regards to my poem composition is that i end up writing scribbling each poem at a different notebook/diary…whatever is close to me…lest i forget the lines that’s in my buffer. finally during housecleaning, it was a frantic search for all the scribbles…which have finally ended up here. Now I find myself sometimes composing directly on a text editor on my computer (u can guess how long am stuck with the comp. throughout the day.. 🙂 )

“Diabolic Preacher” the name originated initially as my yahoo chat nickname…slightly before i realised my fondness for “dark poetry” as one of my friend (drunken loki) calls it or “metal music influenced lyrics” as I put it. My earlier compositions made during high school are under my real name and DP doesn’t associate with them directly…though he does acknowledges those as the stepping stones and the building blocks for what shape the compositions have taken on today. It’s not like DP won’t be suggesting virtues, once in a way…but it got to be presented a la DP style.

DP style poems came around 11th grade when I met Binoy Kartha (may his soul ‘jam’ in heaven) and was totally impressed watching him being so intensely passionate about metal and ‘metallica’ in particular…one of my ‘adopted’ favorites. Starting off my metallica collection with S&M, as I listened more and more to their songs and read through their lyrics (which i was not so good at remembering…nor at catching….misheard lyrics are all the more fun), it often used to be that i just ended up humming the tune when they screamed the indecipherable blabberings…and that used to get so boring, so I used to come up with words from my own mind. sounds crazy? poem toh ban jaata tha na…aur kya chahiye! but as i told before i can rhyme lines often with ease and the song’s rhythm/beat helped give structure to the poems. Surprisingly the music kind of inspires DP to write …umm well DP style poems…lines that are critically ironic. One of my first creations among those at my poem site is the poem “Doing Evil, Thinking Good“. What kind of title is that!! Well that’s how things started…and to this day if all my composition looks stupid, that’s coz I rarely let suggestions tamper directly with my ‘expressed’ feelings…though they are most appreciated and has certainly brought certain changes in each new poem that i come up with. There was just one more schoolmate (senior) during +2 who used to compose poems and is way better at the language aspect (english) than me and was certainly one of the core motivations…inspite of not really being comfortable with the ‘diabolic’ and often ‘grotesque’ nature of my poems.

5 years have passed and am evolving my entire persona around the character i.e. Diabolic Preacher…someone I follow and someone I lead my life as…that’s the irony I’m stuck with. Poems are done DP style with much more ease than 5 years back. What has changed is that the frequency of the poems have decreased. that’s a good sign isn’t it? Diabolic Preacher isn’t finding it necessary to code poems…yeah! it’s good for me…but me got this blog to screw people, so why bother with poems?… 😀
11 years have passed since I’ve come in contact with some o’ my calcutta school friends who apparently have turned into some real talent-filled musicians. Latest influence on my poems is to write them in two versions….one with longer lines and the other one with shorter lines to fit with certain melodies that i come up with or to the tune that i am hearing at the moment…just so that the composition is more catchy (this sounds so cheap…) but i prefer preserving the original version too…sometimes the 2nd version is the only version of the composition. It feels good to be improving my skills of expressing myself…thanks to all the motivations and inspirations. Each new insight opens up a wide variety of possibilities or levels that i can take my compositions to.

Next journal entry will most probably be a review of “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good” the one album of the megadeth collection, that is not part of the reissues collection and the deluxe reprint of which, doesn’t have the vulgar goodness of the originality of the original version. This album is just not found anywhere in any of the retail shops in the major cities of India. This album is so old and unlike “Kill ‘Em All” isn’t that much heard of…though it’s got some real thrash metal stuff.

Prashob’s got a new blog.


  1. creative stuff haaannn

    Kids are kids, But i cant believe that you were devilish even when you were a kid…
    Ha ha ha


    • Re: creative stuff haaannn

      devilish or not…i had a desire to create my own stuff.

  2. cosmos truth

    hey thats our dude the “Diabolified Preacherator”

    infact in school,personally sepaking about you debo, we used to think you were the psycho wise guy, but yet you were cool with you poems and remember Mr. Lawande(Head buster) liked them and praised you in the assembly.

    binoy!!!!! man he was one guy i still remember when i hold my guitar, cause i made 2 stickers of metallica logo, one for his guitar and one mine,he thought me ‘nothing else matters’ on guitar,still miss him may he be in peace.

    as for you “DP” you should just go on and on and on….

    i see you publishing a book soon…(a huge round of a claws,legs and hands)

    great job amigo !!!!!!

    • Re: cosmos truth

      who could this anonymous person be…thanks anyways…wish i knew.

      let me remember….the only clue is the metallica logo sticker…now who was the other person?
      maxereno? duh! bad bad me.

  3. reply

    i guess wordpress doesn’t allow any such thing.

    but you can restrict the site from being visible in wordpress and google. So only people who know the address can reach there.

    you can check out Options->General Tab in wordpress

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