Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | July 14, 2006

forgot how to blog

yeah i guess that’s the reason why this blog hasn’t seen much of me for several days now. writer’s block…isn’t that the graceful excuse? makes you a writer and gives you the freedom to skip the hardwork…well let’s see what i can crap about in this issue

Well my new theme sucks…plainly coz i now realize it’s hard on the eyes…especially the page containing the list of tags that i have used…pain in the balls…eyeballs. Of course I’d liked a repulsive layout but not a blinding layout. All I can say is laptop TFT screens are worst screens to judge your layouts on. worse still is i have to go thru the exercise again. wonderin… which color scheme to use.. 😉 So much trouble and again all redoing….i’m bored….will think of doing it later….will have to do on that stupid TFT screen as of now.

Classes have started from unearthly 0930. Heard that juniors have from 0915. Reason for justification…MBA’s start from 0830. MCA waale ullu jaise raat jaag jaag ke insane deadlines waale project pe project kiye jaate hain…uska kuchh nahin and yes coming to the issue of lab…i’ll give an overall view of status of net access in goa university…

Ever since we finished one year we’ve been asked to move to the new lab…like we had told our seniors. 😀 However new lab’s firewall (or whatfuckinever stupid network software be there) is simply dropping all data packets from certain sites the names or pattern of which none of DCSTians have been able to ascertain. strangely even whitelisting some of those sites didn’t help. Funny thing is…E-V-E-R-Ywhere else….even in our dear old lab…sites work without a problem and yes none of the sites whose packets are getting rejected are blacklisted.
So right now, the latest hangout after classes is internet centre of goa university which seem to have oodles of bandwidth allowance and ability to open most of the sites. MCA dept. doesn’t have control over the university network…has the narrowest possible bandwidth allowance. open 5 tabs in firefox and if gubevol comes online…u’re screwed by squid’s ERROR page…forever…kya isspeed se aati hai… And to top it all…there are absurd site restrictions.

By yesterday all juniors from outside category have arrived in hostel…hope the girls have got their accomodations too. warden’s made life miserable of hosteliers. zimmedari toh kuchh aati nahin…khaali bhaunkne ki authority misuse karna jaante hain. am not much worried coz i believe.. “jaisi karni…waisi bharni” nah toh theek se baat karta hai aur nahi hostel ke liye kuchh kar pata hai…khaali “i have ordered this and i have ordered that…” doesn’t have the guts to see through the execution of the orders. wing B hostel which everyone given a chance wants to avoid is simply so un-livable. hostel ke andar hi jangal. and to think that it was girl’s hostel (few years back)!! yeesshhh chhhee chhhee chheee 😛
One more thing is that the girls’ hostel get much better food compared to our mess…hum log kya insaan nahin hai…ya fir humare liye budget mein kuchh bachta nahin…only leftovers. Everyone’s swallowing quietly… 😦 It always becomes a problem during the exams to get proper food nearby and that bastard guest house canteen wallah told us hosteliers not to eat there coz it seems we have sworn at him…abused him. as if there was no reason behind it. fucktasting food is already the pits…now if the food causes health problems then all I gotta say is “FUCK YOU!”

New batch of juniors have all come from different states and are in different incompatible states. Some have differences with my classmates toh some have differences among themselves. I am just amazed and thankful to how friendship bond between BAA and me got formed. Now in the time of juniors and seniors (outsiders) having serious differences, I am in a difficult position as trying not to lose my friends and yet at the same time not agreeing to all that they ask of the juniors. i won’t state any of that here…nor discuss it. Although I don’t mind dropping friends at any point of time…BAA is as good as part of my family and I’d reconsider my policies infinite^infinite times before even having the faintest idea of having to sever relations with either or all of them…simply unimaginable. yet at the same time…well let’s see how things go.

Juniors (boys2men) have given their formal introductions quite a number of let’s see how many i can remember. I swear I didn’t look up orkut profiles… ;P

  • Ravi Kant Kotwal: B.Sc. student from Jammu…not Kashmir.
  • Sumit Kumar: B.Sc. Maths (Honors) from Dhanbad
  • Uday Anand: B.Sc. Comp. Sc. from Delhi (Harinagar)..Ashu’s junior.
  • Abhishek Kumar: Had been trying to hunt down his seniors on orkut much before he joined GUMCA. 🙂 He’s a BCA student from BIT (…place sounded like Mesra…BAA’ll know better). He’s from Bihar…koi ek jagah ka naam bataya tha (well u know i’m bound by my word that i won’t check on orkut…don’t feel like doing the hard work)
  • Guddu Kumar: As sweet as his name. Typical Bihari style bolne ka. Unfortunately fell sick seriously. As a matter of fact, quite a few of the juniors haven’t adjust to the changed weather. Let’s see aage aage guddu jee kya rang dikhate hain.. 😉
  • Vivek Anand: Nah! not Swamiji (Swami Vivekanand) not at all mischievous like him. A bit too much of a yesman…probably sycophantic. He had a birthday day before yesterday which he tried to conceal, but unfortunately revealed in orkut and got spotted by brajesh who added him on the same night. we celebrated his birthday yesterday night…it was a mess…a yummy mess. lotsa fun…still don’t like the kicking part. univers(ity)al thing though.
  • Anand Kumar: So many Anands!! Anandmay batch hai.. 😛 He has done BCA and is from Patna. A bit overbold in communicating…not that it’s bad but just a bit intimidating for the listener. Better atleast than the rest…but needs to improve on a few points…which will hopefully happen if he’s receptive with a positive mind.

I did remember all of them…but not all their details…will learn in due course of time. 😀

Writer’s Block?? WTF is that? It’s just hard to break the habit. 😉


  1. Thanks we need to spread the word. There are a lot of people who dont see the need to make an effort and I had to face a lot of opposition on college today. This makes me feel much better

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