Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 23, 2006

comment tracking…too many blogs to follow

A major component of web 2.0 or social web as it’s more popularly known is the enabling of active participation of website visitors in discussions started by any kind of content created and published online. The earliest implementation of this was the commenting system, most commonly found in blogs that have become one of the easiest and most widely used platform for publishing a layman’s presence online.

This entry describes a problem i face when commenting randomly on a number of various articles spread across the blogosphere. People who religiously follow only those blogs which are on their blogroll don’t really face this problem that badly. The problem is how do you keep track of all comments that you have posted to numerous blogs and articles hosted on CMS? How do you find out if there were any replies/follow-ups to your comment? How do you even keep a track of all the permalinks you visited and commented on (u won’t want to make a mess of your bookmarks feature for just single articles, when you are not even sure whether there will be any replies to your comment at all). Being a bloglnes/news aggregator user I mostly visit article permalinks rather than the entire blog (exception: blogs of my most favorite bloggers are always tracked in entirety). LiveJournal allows me to track replies to any comment/entry i post on any journal on LiveJournal in my email inbox…allowing me to reply to the comment from within my mail client itself. This is a perfect solution, if LJ was the only one blogging solution but that is not to be with bigshots like Google, Yahoo, MSN around šŸ™‚ I have seen some blogs allowing ‘watching’ the article’s comments section for new comments and sending notifications via email…but not all of us are comfortable with giving away our address. another alternative is providing a separate feed for your comments but that is presently supported by open source blogging software like wordpress et al. in the case of feed subscriptions also, you’ll face the problem of your news aggregator client being inundated with several hundreds of comment feeds. As long as there be no unique and uniform identity of the user that be authenticated using open standards, it’ll be quite some time before i have to work harder on storing as many blog links that i can in my mental buffer.

Wondering if OpenID or something like that could be used to have an anytime anywhere access to notification of replies to any comments that the user has posted anywhere in the blogosphere.
Blogger notification basically sucks. unless the author checks back…you’re not gonna get any replies and you won’t be able to tell if anyone would continue the thread.

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