Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 28, 2006

drops of fire…in the house

sometimes coincidences are just too perfectly timed to react indifferently towards them. This being the first year that ganesh chaturthi was celebrated in our house itself has proved to be such a critically correct decision…only the following paras will reveal

This time, for the first time, ever since dad started doing ganesh puja for his company and home, dad has started doin the puja at our home itself. To cut things short, we had pujas in the morning…around 1.5 hrs. of actual coding (mantra) and then lunch (bhog) n then i guess there was a second round of pujas and in the evening there were fireworks…more like dudworks. so that was not the reason…of the subject of this topic.

So after all the fireworks were tickled with the sparklers (fuljhari) and my cousin n her folks left home, i went back to completing my conversation (chat) with a friend when the lights went out like and i went “aw’ fuck!” (the ibm thinkpad hangs whenever u change power supply from AC to DC with the wifi transciever enabled, the system hangs…but it is not a regular thing…jab marzi then only). Luckily the lights came back but since it takes some time to get the router link up i redialled to net using reliance and just completed the chat conversation when there suddenly came shouts of “CHHATE AAGUN LEGECHHE!!” (TERRACE CAUGHT FIRE!!) and just as a reflex i pulled the door to my room and looked at the bright orange halo that was being created by the fire…not yet sure till someone told that the electric board at the terrace entrance was burning and soon enough the hot melted pieces were falling like big drops of fire roughly through the middle of the stairwell which is built spirally around it. Soon enough, more and more people were called and those inside the house were being asked to evacuate the house instantly. unluckily both ma n bhabhi were not in position to come out of their rooms as we turned off the mains and they hadn’t still changed to their night dresses. so anyways i waited a bit for ma and came down and then she came out with a torch in hand and immediately after that, bash ran up with the biggest fire extinguisher he could lay his hands on (and lift too…) and sprayed the entire house with CO2to put out the fire on the wire. Result? Fire…nowhere; powder…gota ghor moye (full house…on everything…like a coat of dust paint). bash was lookin like he shot himself like a human cannon from the fire extinguisher tank. fully fair n frightly. šŸ˜› We all remained down till they cut off the line to the burning wires from the rest of the electric supply to the house and things were back to normal. We went inside and saw the powder coat over yevrything…even the computer n lappy were all neatly coated…n probably filled too. šŸ˜¦

As we sat during the time when the house was evacuated and the fire was being dealt with, there were reflections and post event detail verifications goin on. The fire had caught on as the electric board became excessively hot due to the heavy load of all the decorative bulbs on the terrace connected to a 2 pin plug (2-pin plugs for heavy load is a very bhaat thing to do…never try it…unless u plan to earn some bucks thru insurance who won’t pay u either:P). other reason for the short circuit was that the board might hav collected a lot of carbon and no one might have bothered to check inside since it worked well all these years. Had it not been for my sister who just happened to be climbing the stairs at that moment, it wouldn’t have been detected that early. if not by her then our luck might have had depended on samar’s entering the premises on time to see something burning near the terrace and so on…till the situation might have worsened beyond control. we also were lucky that in spite of all the extinguishers lying idle beyond a year of expiry, one of them that was used worked just fine. later on gautam showed the 2 extra extinguishers which were meant for the electric fires and each of which have a tap to stop the flow once the fire is out. as the melted pieces started falling down on the divan on ground floor and stickin to it, sis climbed back the stairs and picked up the clothes on the clothes line tied across the diameter of the stairwell. Such and such were the discussions and the reflections and follow-ups over the discussions

The greatest coincidence that occurred to help us take control of the situation and save the house in time was that this was the first time we celebrated ganesh puja at home in ponda and not in zuari factory as had been the practice since last 28 yrs. or so (am 22 so am just quoting my parents šŸ˜€ ). That’s one major factor that we just cannot ignore. What a ‘lucky’ coincidence!!

Burnt electric point
The remains of the electric point where once was a electric board to which the decorative lights chain was plugged in


  1. well,
    No one is hurt is most important thing šŸ™‚
    Its nice to know that there were fire extinguisher available, and u didn’t had to run with water in buckets. Because most of the places fire extinguishers are just unavailable or not in working conditions because they were too old, and very few people know how to use them.

    • thanks for writing 2 lines finally ;P

      well it’s all about fortunate coincidences. šŸ™‚

  2. YAY!! at last farsht comment

    thats hell freaky man!! and nice touch of excitement, after puja thrills ehh? finally got some non-tech thingy to post a comment on. im still finding way around livejournal mind u. will post some more. (im feeling max guilty not commenting on urs). this is haritha baap. frm wizengeeky (and wotsthis screening that not allowings to post comment huh?)

    • Re: YAY!! at last farsht comment

      well first i thought it was the screening thing that blocked..but later realised it was not so…somehow i feel most broadband access ip’s are being blocked…

      thanks for accepting my idea of having your livejournal account.

      u cud track my latest entries on

      nice talkin to you and thanks for the appreciative comment…haritha baap šŸ˜›

  3. Whoa!

    Fighting fire, eh!? And you had fire extinguisher handy! Hmm.. your posts related to technology are a bit difficult to understand for a technologically challenged soul like me! šŸ˜› But hey, I remember seeing you somewhere.. Are you on orkut by any chance?


    PS – Livejournal is a bit difficult for me to find my way around.. šŸ˜› but will get used to it! šŸ˜›

    • Re: Whoa!

      thankfully i’ve put up one non-tech posts for most newbies to drop a line or two.

      it ‘bugs’ me a bit that my posts are so much more technology related than my earlier posts which i am reminded of somewhat by the way you write. šŸ™‚

      yes i am on orkut. name’s not changed…name’s not revealed šŸ˜‰

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