Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 31, 2006

5 blogs I chose for Blog Day

  • Scrabble Shots: A community blog where people post the endgame screenshot of scrabble games, so those viewing them can learn a lot of new words as well as which words join up with which words.
  • Cryptic Soul of Mocking Spirit: A poem blog of a friend writing poems of a different kind…than I do 😀
  • Live Like A Flame: Blog of Erythrocyte, a professor of JUDE. You are sure to read some awesome stories, articles and poems there.
  • Aayi’s Recipes: Just keep lookin at ’em dishes! 😉
  • Riza’s Blog: Blog of an 8yr. old


  1. Blog day link

    Wow! Thanks, pard. Didn’t know about blog day, or would have done one myself. Too late now I suppose.

    • Re: Blog day link

      you still have a few hours left. but anyways you do have a fantastic linkroll 😉

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