Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | September 20, 2006

getting off the rising storeys…fear v/s feat

i have added a blog to my google account beta blogger account and thought i’d theme it based on the dreams i can remember in some details but then i love livejournal and feedback is always necessary…so there

Dreams start without any warning or any credits…y’know who’s who n stuff. So i tapped as much details as i could remember painstakingly into my 6670’s notepad coz that was what i had at hand and obviously i hate writing with pen n paper. luckily the t9’s set to on so i could type with relatively less keystrokes.

Scene 1:The building looked similar to those of narayan cooperative…noo but they were a different color…but probably the structure had some similarity or so my brain thought. I was like on the first floor…that’s one above ground floor…not the bangla ek tola. As I looked down and found the ground level just so close the balcony (no the stunt doesn’t start yet), i found more of the building rising from beneath the ground, like you know pushing a cadbury diary milk out of its wrapper. how weird isn’t it? but believe me…i don’t get to watch tv…forget cartoons. 😦 and this was goin on like fast and steady. Somehow i feel i must have been fooled by illusions (in my dream!!) and was trying to get down from 1st floor…now if i used the stairs i wouldn’t hav the visuals i described coz it’d be more like spiral staircase goin up in a spiral fashion n all that.

Anyways, the building had a nice protruding landing/carnish between each floor broad enough for someone to step onto and balance. So I looked like I wanted to get down from the building and hit the ground and not be part of jack and the beanstalk story. Looked like a stuntman, huh? but it was rrreally scary…yeah me scared of heights…and could it be worse if such a visual occurs with eyes closed? The scary part here was like once i dropped down one landing at a time, i had to drop faster than the storeys rising up and there was no way i could get in another balcony to take a break…so that was adding to the thrill…a situation when there is no turning back. made me feel sick a bit too (nah…no effect in the real me). I believed strongly and so i started descending down. finally i did hit the ground or rather jumped down to a safe landing and rushed off to…believe it or not…a hotel like place. no wonder my usual creative posts are like so damn mixed up.

Scene2: Now this part didn’t run for long and it wasn’t exactly the alarm clock to satisfy the condition of attending unhell-ly hour attending classes demanded by some stupid old generation dimwits. So as I said it was a hotel. All familiar looking people (probably from a number of hotels/restaurants i’d been to) somehow seemed to be rushing along and doing their duties. but then dreams are useless unless they are colorful eh? bloody handicap of mine is that i can dream in 64m colors…but can’t tell one from the other 😦 Hmm so in my colorful dream, all the staff were dressed up in white gowns with large purple (or was it dark blue..dhaaattt) dots mostly looking like clowns except the absence of the face paint and the nose bulb. Then one of the stranger staff (strange in all respects), looked with a pretty disturbed expression…kya pata kisi aur soch mein tha…but since this is my dream…i think it’s rare that my brain would spare cells bothering about other’s situations. Perhaps the look on his face was that way coz i went up the building (storeys) by the elevator…AGAIN!! (i wasn’t even coding an infinite loop πŸ˜‰

Somehow I woke up with a cold start about 23 minutes from the alarm croaking time and i was like damn…fir se pehle uth gaya! chhya πŸ˜‰

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