Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | September 25, 2006

munnabhai…bapu ka magic chal gaya

don’t expect the film’s narration nor a review that’s been done to death probably by now. i am practicing writing short entries…posting every short burst of “hey did you know!!…” tidbits. ;P

watched “Lage Raho Munnabhai” this past Saturday (23rd sept.) at INOX Panjim: evening show. before that we did some clothes shopping…durga pujo te toh notun kapod tai main (new clothes are basically the stuff bengalis buy for durga puja…not gadgets as me n some others wish for 😛 ). we bought some food for dinner in advance coz the movie was gonna end late and there wasn’t anything at home.

movie was good in all flavors that it portrayed and didn’t feel like any character was being overdone just coz some think ppl forget a movie by the time a sequel comes out. remember karne ke layek hi nahin toh sequel se further bejaar kyun karne ka (umm me talkin about phir hera pheri).

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