Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | October 3, 2006

facebook does not like “diabolic preacher”…like i care!!!

had been exploring the whole site the whole day yesterday to see and admire all the features that i found were missing from and invited all of my email contacts to join me on facebook only to end the journey abruptly few minutes back with facebook having problems controlling its level of absurd smartness πŸ™‚

in any case, i was feeling too lazy to write lengths about facebook…coz its been around and been famous for a long time and besides my new online friend Nithin Kamath has written a nice first impression of a facebook explorer (sorta) article, that more or less neatly summarizes the main features of facebook. click here to read the article.

Although there are many glorifying articles with lots of information that’ll amaze you about facebook….i’m no more in the mood to quote them all, but to be part of an idea of a genious who builds and cans unparalleled ideas by the day and to be part of an open source based social network was simply a feel good factor. so you wanna know more about the rich and famous CEO Mr. Zuck, just follow the links below:

registering is open to all general public…so just register yourself with a nice name…you can use another person’s name but it has to be a name…name by convention not by rule. you would find more ‘facebook lovers and the benefits that they can see’ kinda groups (communities of orkut) and learn more about facebook. it has a developer’s API so you can register for a developer key and design some cool app while checkin out the existing ones at the same time.

facebook is cleaner, faster, more secure…and less evil without me πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: The link in the invitation mail that i sent thru facebook is the publicly accessible profile link…it shows very less details. For rest of the non-invited visitors, here’s the link.

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