Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | October 7, 2006

unnecessary invitation…unprofessional preparation…me was feelin sleepy

I still don’t get it…why I was invited? everyone can sense my bekaar-y mode. A symposium titled “New Dimensions in Management:A Path To Excellence”…just about attended….

I simply fail to understand why I just try so hard to just not be at my department..such a “not happening” place, days just go by so soon…and now exams are to soon follow suit and another semester’s gonna give way to a long vacation, when am gonna start preparing for the cavities in the last semester. This symposium to which i got an invitation letter (and they wanted me to pay up fuckin 100 bucks during registering).

First and foremost, the letter was so vague…don’t know if they really wanted to invite me. it didn’t mention the time and place. didn’t mention anything about the registering fees…and that also charging student of a totally unrelated stream. The statements of different people were contradicting each other. For e.g., when i went to the registration table at the entrance, obviously the juniors are not expected to know me, but the teacher had a blank face and asked “which college are you from?” now i gathered i was invited as an alumni member…and i wondered aloud “don’t you recognize me?” well probably i don’t deserve recognition…but people don’t invite you mentioning your full name and think “ye kaun hai?” when you arrive. As far as keeping contact with the alumni…the college is a miserable failure. still then there are a few teachers and staff member who know what am currently doing, so it’s not all that bad goin back there once a while. So anyways, I filled in the name and name of my univ. in the first two columns and looked surprisingly at the value in the 3rd column (yeah 100 bucks!!) and i have yet to pay the canteen uncle in the univ….shucks. there was nothing mentioned in the letter. when i challenged, another professor from the B.Com section clarified that “it is mentioned that registration fees will be charged”…but where was the amount specified? am not even an earning person…and 100 bucks for bunking my classes…chhya!! well anyways, i didn’t argue much and he agreed that i can pay later…pay later i shall…hmph.
Next as soon as i gathered a seat in the empty hall…empty from any known faces. and then as soon as seema ma’am looked at me and gave me the “what are you doin here?” look and i thought…”october fool!!” 😦 😦

The program did not start at time (0930) but i did reach the venue before that πŸ˜€ The disappointing thing to see was that they fiddled a long time with the LCD projector, trying to get the right settings and they had not even prepared the presentation slides background and transition effects before the event…and they tell us to study in advance. πŸ˜› it was ok that they had some ‘minor’ edits to make, but to do it on the large projection screen…showing out as clearly as possible what trials and errors…basically how unskilled one can be with use of such simple software, was simply unbearable knowing that it’s my college. I just thought to myself, “these people are still so ponda-ish” i didn’t know what made me come up with that word but i guess it’d be a description to all the laid back, (lazy is more appropriate) informal, crude attitude of the people here…so much in their shells. My classmates’d do a better job at preparing a presentation and even do a good job at covering up loopholes in the preparation. πŸ˜€

Finally the inauguration arrangements were done and the dignitaries (names…?? who cares?) occupied their seats, and the various offtopic introductions started. My head was spinning and my eyes (which rested at 5 am finally) were paining and straining to sleep so badly…and they wanted me to move up front to make the seats look not empty. well i guess they still treat me like one of the students, but i couldn’t care less for people who’d not known where am studying right now…when me was the only one who got into goa university mca…dunno if they remember or know who else got into other colleges for MCA or some other post grad courses. The keynote address started and i kept myself busy forwarding a sms to all my friends…unfortunately i forgot to remove the ending “Good Night” and i was barely able to open my eyes and somehow selected the recipients and clicked on send and went on 99% dozage πŸ˜‰ soon i got replies, pointing out the error, but famous bsnl’s poor service came to the rescue as the most effective excuse πŸ˜› hehehe. You don’t get a worse and more indifferent symposium attendee than this do you? πŸ˜€

Well, the rains have not yet ended and it’s one week of October and i didn’t wear a raincoat, so i had to escape back as soon as the rain stopped. Soon after the keynote talk was the tea and snacks. that’s when principal met me and things became a bit more clear. He’s one person who knows about my current whereabouts … thankfully. πŸ˜› He made clear that they sent invitations to only a few people who were at different colleges or the university…or i guess those who left some contact address with the college separately. Good thing i heard from him is that, GVM’s BCA dept. has started an attempt to coach the students generic-ally for the MCA entrance exams…atleast for Goa University and for some of the colleges from neighbouring states. He was looking for suggestions at making the program more effective. If I’m not mistaken, then probably some of my classmates from the ‘local’ category might have had coaching or some crash course thingy for the entrances…or maybe i’m totally off the track…well anyways, if someone has experience, please give details of how the sessions were conducted and also if it’s possible for a college to acquire old question sets for the students to practise. I hope to get some ideas from my professors at the university as well.

I finished drinking the tea and it was time for sis to finish her exam and return home with samar. since he got the car, i kept the folder (given to the attendees) in the car, as it was difficult to carry with me on my bike. I got a new pen finally. πŸ˜€


  1. hey

    its Raining Dude !!!!!
    man i miss it !!!!!


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