Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | October 10, 2006

attendance…necessary or adversary to productivity

another shot at making attendence voluntary and teacher performance improvement compulsory. 😀

As i was talking to antesh about the stupid censorship put on by the incompetent university and meandered onto various other rules that are put in place to blindfold students with the outlook of an effective organisation and treat them like kids or sometimes like shit. When they say attendance is compulsory, what are the reasons they want it compulsory?:

  • You do not get to watch the cheap rate morning show movie.
  • The teacher does not have to look like an idiot talking to an empty class or wasting the morning sleep
  • The correspondence courses should not lose business…it’s necessary to piss off some students nagging them to attend classes where the professors put you to sleep.
  • the teachers should not bunk classes since students will be anxiously waiting and being bored of teaching the same subject for over a score of years, the teachers read out from the slides or simply rattle on like a monophonic ringtone
  • the students can be controlled and imposed rules upon even when they are beyond child-adulthood threshold like children. i know some religions do that. they are not worth following

few weeks back when the northern preacher asked everyone’s opinion about whether attendance was compulsory or not. i did not have a strong reason (neither was he asking) but i felt a strong intuition to think that i was right in saying that attendance is not at all compulsory. Somehow when i reflected upon the topic and also am aware that some universities actually do not cause much loss to the student, there must be some reason behind the move. after all they are universities within india. i feel attendance should not be made compulsory but 100% attendance should be the direct result of the teacher’s competence to teach the subject and not just know the subject. i do know of professors and teachers who can command full attendance without being overbearing (like some who’d have exclusive slides and u gotta attend their classes or u don’t get the info). i also strongly believe that not all students really need the attendance to be compulsory but would actually attend classes coz they probably think that is the right way to learn. in fact, this point most prof’s don’t get straight. the northern preacher thinks no one will attend if attendance is not made compulsory. that is absolutely true because the quality of majority of lecturers is hopeless and that is so evident by now.

attendance can be ensured when the teachers are competent enough to teach and teach so well, that students find listening to the lecture a good use of his/her time. teachers should not just be the multimedia (audio/video) extension of the textbooks and need to be probed and provoked on and on to get some latest relevant information. although it might sound fun, but categorizing teachers on the basis of “kiske class mein late ja sakte hain”, “kiske class mein proxy de sakte hai”, “kiske class mein we can complete assignments/homework”, “kiske class mein so sakte hain”, “kiske class mein kha sakte hain” are all effects of disinterested attendees and further disinterested teaching. it is always attendance compulsory hai toh dump yourself and have to cover the portion so let’s just rush thru the portion, these sleeping dumps won’t mind either ways.
Is attendance compulsory or just a blindfold from the incompetent faculty or probably a poor faculty selection process?

u think i can attend classes if i blog till so late…arre bas physcially toh present hona hai. 😉

N.B. I do not endorse the opinion of voluntary attendance right from the first day at school. Compulsory attendance at school and junior college level is necessary to inculcate the discipline in students, such that they do look at attending classes as a good utilisation of time. At PG level, it’s too much!!


  1. hehe

    i think attendence should be compulsory, cause its the way the system works, you leave the house informing your parents that you are gone away for college but who knows you know may be you doing drugs and shit???? so the college takes care to ensure your precence.
    every freakin teacher has a different style of teaching it just the student never takes interest.
    any way guess what my college attendence is not compulsory, as a matter of fact since this month started i attended the college every day but i only attended the class twice, thanks to the new cloth they have put on our college billiards tables, keeps glued to my cue stick,

    any way good luck with ya attendence, and if things go out of pic then try handing over some under the table (common in india yaar).


    • Re: hehe

      under the table eh?…. it should never be needed to done that way.

    • Re: hehe

      ppl doin drugs n shit shud be in rehab centre only. they don’t form the overview or the majority of the student scene. but yes i believe in 1 bad apple rots all apples…so keep them away.

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