Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | October 21, 2006

someone is gonna pay….

Silence of the lambs is acceptable and could be sympathized with as long as it does not affect those who have voices but are kept in the dark from the choices

The northern preacher has to leave the bm34 course midway and we are to repeat the fuckin’ useless course…in the next summer vacation after a fortnight long crash course (what’s worse than a university’s PG program having to get down to the level of providing crash courses and earning a quick buck), all because he wished to evaluate for the internal 50 mks. in his own way.

I observe there is one or more course existing per semester which is jinxed and is being taken by a useless visiting faculty….useless not because the faculty is incapable, but because some think following the format is bending down to the herd mentality. Some choices are difficult, when you’d wish to stand up for some innovation but aren’t high authority enough…not even part of the system, it’s as good as the skits n role-play of high school. should everyone who voiced their opinions be heard, who’d follow the long winded way of getting things done. society’d be something like “hello mr. president i need some bandwidth for my university. please provide some few hundred mb bandwidth extra for free…the government cannot afford ergonomic chairs…what the fuck they will get extra bandwidth?” and the professors be existing just silently as the writing pads slip n slide over the wooden plank with projecting nails hanging from one screw or almost none.

The students were told to not let the northern preacher know that he was gonna be kicked out and we had to answer the viva…simply to entertain the asshole. somehow despite the long night before…i seemed to entertin him the most, despite my strong attempts at makin’ him realise what wrong is goin’ on. i guess am no better.

bloody bogus father….CURSES ON ALL THE DUMB JERKS!!

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