Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 2, 2006

Nirvikalpa: No Alternative

BitTorrent post coming up a bit later…some resources to be linked

Introducing…despite my deep-rooted hatred for the vomit vocalling black/death metal genre…Nirvikalpa (wholly, soully driven by rishi ex-misanthrope lead guitarist). I dig the expressions in the lyrics and in some cases like that of Rishi aka DarkLord i like the guitar skills too. death metal…it’s like…’hear it when you are out of your senses’. although it might be a possibility that a lot of good lyric resources get ignored that way…remaining only among the followers or mostly people who write that stuff and not able to incorporate much variations. in one way variations may not be needed…because the genre is very very focussed.

The track I heard first of rishi was ‘Antim Sanskar’. First impression…vomit vocals…chhya! 😛 then i got the link to his indian sounds instrumental (kawwali rock) and then i noticed the name and tried listening to the antim sanskar song selectively the guitaring…and then came the bach track, overdriven guitars…what the hell are those? classical performance…done neatly like rishi did…is nothing but…classic…for the musically declined, so many notes at once might sound like a gameboy in action…synchronized action, but you start liking it, once you ‘pay close attention’. More details and song downloads from Nirvikalpa’s page.

check out RadioVerve for more interesting artists…not interested?? aage badho! 😛

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