Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 4, 2006

offliners in gtalk…yahoo msgr. can stay offline forever now

noticed today that gtalk no more complains about user being offline after u send a message and the user gets DC‘d before message is received. you can see in your “chats” section a section in the conversation thread like “These messages were sent while you were offline” …neat huh? no more need to scrap publicly…nor need to use old style mail…nor the unreliable yahoo messenger that signs me out coz i’m mysteriously signed in somewhere else and takes a hell lot of time connecting. being invisible is a bad option. it not being there is major reason why google talk is not all that crowded…some people don’t know how to use gtalk to its full potential. i like gtalk…plaintext and chat archive…simply useful


  1. dude! thanks for the comment. here i am with old memory loss, and without id and password to sign in again! goddamnit! btw, this post is really intriguing, even to a laywoman like me.

  2. welcome back haritha

    i hope i identified you correctly. maybe i’ll mail you your login details…

    is post mein intriguing kya hai?? it was just a infobit.

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