Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 12, 2006

friends for a season

phrase definition…DP style

In common layman/lady’s terms of speaking… “friends for a season” are those people who are apparently special to you and leave no doubts about it…but they last only for a certain timeframe (read happy times). A season is something that has a period range but repeats its occurence after a certain period of time. e.g. people who are nice when you have lots of time on your hands coz it’s holidays and could give them somewhat more attention than what is possible in our regular work days. as soon as the holiday season…friends for a season make silent exits from your memories (or try their best to) or worse…they try to act all pissed off, just coz you are not keeping up the activity levels…like you’re fuckin obligated to. it’s not like you’re wasting time and everything other than communicating with such a demanding asshole, (that’s what the seasonal friends are perceived as…talkin no sense at all) looks like a waste of time…when you’d figure out by then…that it’s just the other way round.

ladies n gentlemen, children of all ages…when friends for a season turn their ugly backs…let them hav the worst of ‘indifference’ attacks. they don’t care for your priorities…why the fuck should you? Take your time, take lots of time…next season is just around the corner. 😉


  1. Good one! I want to personally kill one such friend, but then, like you said, why should you care! 🙂


    • welcome back

      i think a lot of ppl are relating to this post…so sad that seasons change.

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