Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 12, 2006

naye canteenwale ke paintre

Some changes are just not refreshing enough

On 1st November, there seemed to be a vast change within the unchanged confines of the day-time canteen. absolutely new faces of human resources. the uniforms read kamat sukh sagar. i had heard of a new contractor being put in place…but not this sudden. This is one of those times where i have felt the resistance to change. However i feel it’s more to do with the relations…the reassurance of familiar faces that make trusting the hopeless food of canteen a bit easier. Well anyways…it’s been like close to a fortnight and let’s go thru the developments so far: –

  1. First day, there was like one guy takin the orders in the entire canteen, one arranging the dishes and one cleaning up the tables. First day was only vegetarian food and there was virtually not many choices too. lunch had veg thali, puri/pav bhaji and maybe a few other snacks. it was like a snack only place…and i hav lost all interest in having any sort of veg. thali anywhere. plain disgusting. topping that was the fact that they were getting soft beverages from a local brand…true to the localness, the drinks tasted like crap and the waiters crapped way too much about the students complaining…why wudn’t they?
  2. dhatt….i fitted too much in that last post. anyways, most of the waiters get the bill to you before you ask…no time to sit back n breathe some air. and i’m one of those who purposely order, bit by bit..he had to run from counter to table n back. hehehe. had one of the softdrink…yeeeesshhhh!! thooo!
  3. Soon enough more dishes have been added up but the puris are so damn oily…oil mein puri zyaada ho gaya!! abhishek put the tissue paper to soak the oil but it melted away. :O
  4. New items have been added in the last few days…started with gobi manchurian….5 bucks extra…5% of the original quality remaining…it tasted more like gobi sambar and the gobi n the graby were all having the same density. quantity has decreased to snack size

good that this semester is ending soon and the bloody waiters are showing too much attitude. time to balance stuff…like i did in the guest house. hopefully they would improve in time.

i just seem to hav lost interest in writing personal stuff…this itself was so boring to write…tell me, whether it was readable at all?

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