Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | January 3, 2007

family guy

“It seems today,
That all you see,
Is violence in movies,
And sex on TV”

Well those are the opening lines of this animated comedy series airing on FOX channel that lois the mom in the family starts off with and gives you an impression of a boring straightforward…shiny clean family soap show…until you actually watch the family members stretchin the limit of censible humor. well…the series ain’t for all ages of mankind, all parts or jerks of society or all regions of the world. but it has its own flavour of humor…some might say it’s tasteless dependin on what they’ve grown on…no not the food…i mean the type of humor-related shows they’ve seen. Basically it contains a variety of sub-genres of humor which is not limited to kid-safe humor…though the youngest in the show is the most vile one 🙂

The Griffin family comprises of Peter (Dad: with brains of a …no brains actually…and really fat), Lois(Mom:intellilady, cares for the family), Chris (Son: curious, nerd, has a cap on always…has a drawling voice), Meg (Daughter: Average lookin’ and so not accepted much among the ‘cool’ crowd n is often confused), Brian (Peter’s friend: a talking dog, who behaves like a human till he’s provoked, drinks a lot, is smarter than peter and often looks after the kids) and Stewie (infant: my fave character, evil genius, as much intelligent as much stupid is his dad Peter and has the voice of an old man…n he fights well too). All characters have the power to knock the wind out of anyone they punch hard…WHACK!!
The Griffin family stay in the locality called Quahog…city ya town…bhul gaya…got to check again. Peter usually hangs out with his 3 friends: a handicapped cop, a square-faces thin guy called quagmire and an afro-american fellow…never heard the name.

so far the mininova site is trackin some healthy torrents. y’know we’re probably never gettin to see those stuff in our lifetime. i mean think about it…boneyM is giving a concert in india…i was surprised that they’re still alive!! :p
people with slower lines might check out clips on youtube…but seeing the whole show is seeing the big picture.

p.s. got the security configuration for livejournal site edited in zonealarm and now it logs in perfectly without need to quit zonealarm. now onto the other sites.


  1. i love family guy

    it’s on point.

    • Re: i love family guy

      very very much on point…literally drillin the point. 🙂

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