Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | January 9, 2007

singing competition

some songs are good for listening…some songs are good to get you bored

This is just to add few more details about the PGSU solo-singing competition and about the performances/antics of the audience (crowd) and the singers and singernis. MCA had :-

  • Ashutosh Kumar: Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha
  • Abhishek Tewari: Chaand Sitaare, Phul aur Khushboo
  • Gautam Dev: Tanhaiyeen
  • Saiyesh Mahambrey: Missed it…no not the song name…i missed the performance…will upload later from ashu
  • Vidhya Korgaoker: some konkani song that’s quite popular and makes the crow sound like nightingale…or something similar vidhya told me ;p
  • Gandhar Sanzgiry: also konkani song…but total masti and definitely seems to have a good time…had a very short will check with others or upload mine later on…read weekend 🙂
  • Me: see previous post for the youtube video

…and lots more others…well practiced to entertain the judges and the audience…humorously and sonorously

The Ex-MCA judge and the MCA classmate who is GS of PGSU were as per the MCA crowd…of not much use…but on the other hand…i’d asked before if the judges are ever good…n i was assured like always… “don’t care n have a good time” n boy! i did have a good time. 🙂 …and well so did certainly most of the others…though they’d muse over their glitches like a 100 times n make u look like they were takin the judges ever so seriously…i mean, it’s only on paper that english songs are allowed, and then again…the band was not familiar with any english songs to play music for any of the english songs (forget mine…even the paup songs!), though they seem to be having detailed memory of hindi n konkani songs. so it was all dependant on the available of a midi file online and a midi file that included almost the exact instruments instead of just that grand piano instrument, which really makes metallica sound weird.

You could see the vids to know how we really performed. As for those who’s videos are not uploaded, i missed of saiyesh n didn’t understand vidhya’s performance…quite straightforward i suppose. gandhar’s was fun to watch…but in both his and mine case…the music was louder than the vocals…i mean it’s upto the sound engineer or the one in charge of the sound control board to adjust the volumes…judges are sittin to judge the vocalist not the KORG keyboard or the extra huge speakers it is connected to.

It’s funny, the way people’d look bewildered esp. the musicians when i came in for the rehearsals and said i wanna practise “creeping death” 😀 it’s just funny the way they’d blink n nod their head in an understanding way. but i have to entertain them..their claim to be able to play music…for my amusement. n then there’ll be my friends who’d suggest me to ask them to play some generic rock beat or something…but but but…metallica of the ’80s weren’t fuckin nu-metal bands that’s more noise than melodious noise…i mean it needs lotsa practice to come upto the speed at which ‘tallica or ‘deth riffs are played…”shreddin the big bad guitars” :). they ain’t nu-metal…they knew metal.
Creeping Death has always been my most favorite track that i heard the pre-release demo of before hearing the actual track. Psychkick performed it in CRI 2004 finals. Creeping Death also maintained my habit (after “Holy Wars” and “Disposable Heroes” which i did without music) of choosin the songs that require a certain amount of power in the voice…tryin to make it sing-able at the same time. 😛 For people who know about these songs…i agree these songs don’t sound anything close to what they might have with a full band performance…but more than just the song…that i remember so well (unaware audience…not minding the glitches…) i’ve always worked on bringin some uniqueness to the performance…believe me i just come up with ideas…and have to push myself really hard to implement them on stage…so often i’d sound like playin back the tape of what i decided the previous night…sometimes so monotonously…but this time…the crowd itself was damn funny…trynna distract n diss me…that’s never gonna happen…coz i learnt from my riggots that expectin the worst case is good preparation…n then i add some extra 😀

I had wished to do “Gates of Urizen” by Bruce Dickinson from the “Chemical Wedding” album. Reasons being : –

  • It was something i hadn’t heard before, just once recently when i got it from someone
  • It would have given me a chance to try out with song of slower speed, easier music and different artist
  • etc.

Reasons I gave up on it:

  • No midi file found on net…even the mp3 was really difficult to find…with only like 1 or 2 users on p2p network with it.
  • post judgement…the way judge commented about some songs being all about screamin ‘aaa’ (in a naeka female voice)…i say fuck the judges n fuck slow songs. “Born! i shall soon be there, deadly mass”
  • i knew the band wudn’t know anything about english songs…though there was a category for english songs…so i didn’t bother to learn the song at that day but i was learnin before 5th jan (day of the competition) but left it as my time was runnin out and the midi was not available…if someone finds it…listen n enjoy. 😛

had no dinner yet. 😦

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