Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | January 17, 2007

circumventing…for bsnl dataone visitors

a basic howto for the bsnl dataone users with no openid or no livejournal id (effectively an openid) to comment using the anonymous option

since all bsnl dataone ip’s are suspected of being open relay’s and blocked from commenting anonymously on livejournal blogs…and bsnl having the largest broadband base in india effectively cuts out a large number of visitors from actively participating in commenting and discussing articles on livejournal blogs. The method mentioned below is also usable by those users who wouldn’t want their ip addresses to be tracked…though the solution is not permanent…the practice is not advised and the speed is slow…but it works for those too lazy to get an openID…which allows access to all sites that accept openID’s.

basically a circumventor is a machine on the internet which can be accessed via a web address or URL. what you’d need to do is visit one such circumventor website…and usually it’ll contain a text entry box to enter the actual website that you are interested in. In this case, for example, . Almost all circumventors provide extra options to toggle cookies, javascript, etc. For example, if you need to log into a site then you’ll need to allow cookies and not remove them. if you want to access javascript dependent sites like orkut…you’ll need to allow javascript. other options may vary though one option to note for those intending to surf anonymously…is the option to remove referrer information…or hiding the path you followed to the site…that means to keep your ip from getting traced from the circumventor logs…most circumventors would enable hiding by default as they are meant to allow you to anonymously voice your opinion against internet censorship…and to do some harmless blogosphere roaming from the wrong places 😉

the solution is only effective as long as your ISP or company doesn’t block the circumventor site itself. this is one of the main reasons i prefer not to mention the site names…lest they be known by the unwanted people. but for the sake of my blog’s well-being (which is fed up of this useless bsnl problem), i’d mention a few to start with. note that not all proxies are free…except the ones i link to neither all allow access to secure sites (https) i.e. sites which allow you to login securely, under the free version…but they are out of this discussion. One main example is which can allow proper access to a lot of sites but is damn heavily used…so is a bit slow. you must understand that the time it takes for the circumventor site (e.g. gets added onto the time it takes for your connection to get to the circumventor and get the contents of the actual site thru the circumventor…going by the congestion levels of circumventors you can easily make out how badly they are needed. there’s also one more called but it’s not that effective…some sites don’t work properly via that one. Now instead of relying on one or two of these individual circumventors…with differing interfaces…it’s better to be updated from a single source which maintains a list of circumventors which have the same configuration and looks to enable smooth transition as soon as one of the circumventor sites goes down or gets blocked.
so how do you subscribe to this list? well currently the only easy way i see to joinin the list is via one of the circumventor sites. so for example you visit and near the top there will be a “Join Mailing List” button. enter your email address to subscribe to the list….and click on the button :p

using OpenID is a more easier method and is faster as well but is not suggested for those wanting to genuinely surf anonymously 😉 To get an OpenID and learn more about the system and it’s benefits…point to The sections of interest within the site are the directory of OpenID enabled websites and a link to this page for a basic intro about the OpenID concept.

waitin for dataone to whitelist their user ip’s and for users to circumvent and vent out on livejournal meanwhile.


  1. 🙂

    hmm.. here I am 🙂 You write pretty good.. only, I tend to loose concentration when there’s something so huge to read.. all technical stuff.. nothing thrilling!! 😛

    Get me Tom Hanks.. or, perhaps Seal 🙂

    It was pretty descriptive and I understood 85% (of it).. I didn’t understand which boxes to check/mark in the circumventor site and so, I checked all boxes and came here!! :O

    Also, ’bout this OpenID, what’ll happen once I sign up? ..will there be another blog or will they register my own blog as the blog.. eto beshi a/c khulte bhalo laage naa!

    • Re: 🙂

      more than how much long you can concentrate…it’s absolutely nice of you to take the trouble to write comment, thru the circumventor.

      i think i described the important options that u need to check…others are best left unchanged…writing about all the options would unnecessarily increase the post size

      openID is just an ID…universal ID…basically to comment on blogs or post in forums…without needing to have to maintain a blog. it’s like a user profile maintaining site…you have certain details associated with your identifying url, that you can selectively expose on each site that you login with the id.
      ei ekta a/c e ekebaare onek jaygay commenting access khule jaabe.

  2. finally!!

    i finally managed 2 get an openId. I think you made a mistake in the above post. “using OpenID is a more easier method and is faster as well”. noooooo, using openID is a much much much much much easier n faster method, screw the anonymity!!

    ur posts, they don’t really go into my head. all this computer talk…i wish i could say i get all of it, but sadly most of it even fails 2 register.

    but going by ur blog, seems like u r totally in2 computers, is it like, ur job or somethin??

    • Re: finally!!

      anonymity is needed in some cases…although there could be no zindagi aur maut ka sawaal in visitin my blog…so all excuses are just hints of gettin addicted :p

      it’s good my post don’t go into your head…you should not accept other’s interpretation and let em sink in your head that easy…its good not to be confused right…but i write those damn articles for the non-tech audience since my classmates who really could comment something worthwhile don’t visit it at all.
      it’s a-ok if nothin registers…ppl elder to me also have the same content…my handwriting’s bad so i took to bloggin coz i feel like helpin ppl use all this available stuff n then they still don’t understand so…bleh! neva mind…what career path are you onto? check out blogs from people of that profession…people of such colleges. i rarely write personal stuff…though i do write in a while.
      i’m a mca student who’s a bit more interested in computer stuff than the rest of the syllabus/class. 😉

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