Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | January 17, 2007

shameless adults

on tuesday evening when i went to monginis to buy snacks for me n sis, i saw a car parked exactly perpendicular on the road to another car parked properly inside. the car stuck inside was that of an old person who waited in vain. then while i came out i saw the old man still honking in frustration and then i saw the bastard whose car was blockin the parking lot. oshobhyo nirlojjo behaya (did i get that right?)…ei gulow kei bole. you don’t expect an apology…not even a namesake fake sorry from such a shameless pig. on top of that the bastard was talkin with such utter disrespect to the old person n he boldly claimed that he knew he was parkin illegally…n told the old person to hav parked somewhere else if he got enough sense…i mean i could understand college students doin foul mouthing n just gettin away with it. but this one looked like he was a workin person.

i swear the sob is gonna pay for this…n if i see GA-01 E-3669 maruti alto…near my premises…i’ll keep my dogs hungry for a grand treat. remember the car number….insult the driver…he fuckin deserves it!! saala!


  1. hey!

    That’s sHaallah! 😀

    wow! even remember the car number!! ..that’s great.

    I’m sure, in time, that guy is gonna get some sorta beating be it from you or somebody else, one time or the other, in his life..

    ..these are what I call Para-r gunda.. hoodlums..

  2. Re: hey!

    beatings don’t make for usful teachings…but perhaps it makes people sit up n listen

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