Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | January 23, 2007

vnc: bugging people remotely

ganzy and comedy are synonyms and it’s more amusing when you mix some technology that leaves him in wonder 🙂

ganzy booted into fedora core3 to complete the kidstuff assignment and later on opened up the remote desktop connection (VNC/RDP client) asking me how to connect to another pc to view its desktop. some other pc’s were running the realvnc server program…that one of the lab incharges…so called ‘programmers’ had installed. well i didn’t know about the client software but i think i used it on some other distro. we looked at the example of url schema/format that the software on fedora suggested and we connected to one of the windows machines. it opens a full screen window with some controls for probably display quality settings, auto hide the toolbar for more viewing space and a close session button. since fun is the keyword here…delving into settings was left for another day. From here on I left ganzy to ‘experiment’ with the software…unusually funny experiments

first he got one more classmate to login to the server…using the same tool and the server being confused as to which viewer to allow mouse control was showing two cursors…so it was battle of the cursors on the server screen. “who gets to the start button first” 😀 then he opened up a chess game and was playing a cooperative match with the other classmate…it’s cool coz you need not bend/fall over each other shouting and harrasing the mouse to pick the ‘right’ piece and move it. soon more were gettin interested and messing with the unattended harmless desktop…taking control of your desktop is one thing…malicious looking funny people quarellin over who gets to control your desktop is just ROTFL stuff ;P

if i remember clearly this is the second time around i’m demoing the stuff in the lab something that one of the lab programmer d had surprised me with…bugging me from the client viewer. 🙂 n i thought i told em all…but am a bit too good in keepin things held within…i lose track sometimes 😛 so my friend brajesh was interested to know more about how to use the software coz he said last time he was busy recoverin from the amazement of seeing the remote controlling…or so it seemed 😉 sourceforge uses geolocating of ip’s efficiently and selects the nearest located server by default…that i used to do manually before…this is good since some magazine i read suggested that u.s servers although being far are more capable of handling more load…but that just makes things unfair for all those in asia who invested on an idle server. the tightvnc 1.29 package for windows got downloaded super-fastly 😀 i started the viewer on this machine…(i know you can’t see it and i’ll forget about it) and connected to the server…before which i showed him thru all the settings…the options are described in plain english…although not all maybe clear to the first time user…a bit of logic and some experiments in a trusted environment can make you wiser.

vnc is a useful tool but not a safe tool. use a long and strong password and possibly limit the ip addresses (client machines) who could connect to the machine. that’ll lessen the chances of unknown intruders massively…unless you mention a broad ip range…i didn’t work on that part…but as i said, it was a fun session and delving into settings was left for another day. 🙂

was lookin for vnc server/viewer software for macosx for a friend. and luckily google (lucky) search turned up a sourceforge project…yaayy. it’s vine server and vine viewer. unfortunately i don’t have a mac to test and play with an installation…but judgin by the general user’s IQ associated with mac…things should be easy.

was tryin settin up the vnc server on fedora core 3. services applet showed a vnc server entry that i started but it mentioned that xvnc was stopped and conveniently the man page for xvnc doesn’t exist…so google. it said that a vncserver script had to be run…ran got some make-happy messages with instructions to connect to the machine…but nothing happens…it even made me put a 6 character alphabet for enhanced security…yes…so instead of 123 i typed 123456 (yeah try that on the preacher’s accounts) 😛 the gui rpm installer usually(tightvnc-server in this case) is like really friendly…doesn’t bother you much…says it’s gonna install the server and you’re like yeah yeah…where’s the friggin ok button…n when it’s all done …you’ll be like, “where the fuck did it get installed???”…not all applications are scripted to make entry in the kicker menu.

oh hell this post got big and i got late as usual…not too late i hope 🙂


  1. wow that is a long blog

    very informative… for the futre… when i follow through with my own set up 🙂

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