Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | February 5, 2007

let’s try gettin the dataone ip addresses unbanned

open a command prompt window or a shell and type telnet (assuming you are connected to the net) and check the error msg…yeah just the dataone users

Via that error message, i got to
know one of the sites that lists my IP address …blacklists my ip address rather. The fact
is i am a user from India whose current (almost) sole broadband provider (ISP) is BSNL, which provides the service nationwide.

Goin thru the FAQ’s of the various sites that test IP’s and maintain such lists (they are called RBL’s but i forgot what’s that for…and i’m sleepy too :p) which is used by sites like,, etc. There are many possibilities…but the reason stated in my IP’s case is of open HTTP as well as SMTP proxy (and so will all other dataone subscribers reading this blog will agree when they are rudely blocked from commenting anonymously to my journal, can’t help it. most bsnl broadband users are
assigned a dynamic ip per session and most router/modem configuration have NAT turned on…which makes it difficult to detect the exact culprit machine…but then it can’t be that every machine on dataone network has such serious problems…i connect through reliance and everything is just fine…on the same machine!

now the thing is, i’d like your help to make a somewhat informed query…coz i wonder what’ll be the best way to explain in layest terms…what they need to do to shut these openings for which our IP addresses are blocked…i mean no matter where in india you access via dataone…your IP will be blocked. circumventing is an option, but it is a slow option…openid is cool but then u might as well get an LJ id and its an openid all the same.

if there’s anyway all you dataone users gettin to read this post wanna help…check out my circumventor post and drop in your comments and suggestions. if we can get a bunch of people write to bsnl (who exactly do we write to?) about this problem from across the country…it’ll make them take notice, rather than ignore it as an isolated problem.

p.s. i edited this from a mail i sent to the guys askin for suggestions…hope the bsnl guys know how to deal with the problem.


  1. radha here

    You’re constantly at it, preacher!! 😀 oh.. I’m glad. I don’t like coming to your journal through those circumventors.. too much work for me!! 😛

    o, you know what I think.. the BSNL guys are AWFUL when it comes to servicing their customers. I would be immensely surprised if you get an immediate response / if they go ’bout working with you!

    Why do you say that BSNL is the only broadband provider in India?? VSNL is also there.. is it that the latter is yet to provide the sevices countrywide??

    • Re: radha here

      lajhybonesh….thanks for still writing a comment by coshto kore circumventing 🙂

      i stated “current (almost) sole broadband provider (ISP) is BSNL”

      emphasis….and though there might be other ISP’s whose subscribers are blocked…

      Maybe i can contact the BloggersCollective…the group which helped accelerate the lifting of ban on blogs

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