Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | March 16, 2007

backtrack 2.0 final downloaded 3 times and still wrong md5

the title says it all but a little who what where how following this…

BackTrack is an open source project developed by remote-exploit. It is a live distribution based on slax and is mainly focused on penetration testing.. Now this is quite a big distribution given that the cd image file is 690mb…almost a full cd and i downloaded this thrice!!! yes 3ice on this 256kbps line … not 2mbps, but anyways…it’s the ul 900 plan so not much worry..except the hard disk space. the download speed maxes out at 29kbps. so what exactly was going wrong?

first time, i dared download without a download manager…with only firefox. one download thread, no resume support, 7 hours…done. burnt the image to a CD at 10x speed.restarted. booted comp. with the cd…all services started and a login prompt appeared saying enter username as ‘root’ and password as ‘toor’ …. tried way too many times n said ‘dhoor’ kissu hoyna…it just kept returning a login incorrect error. like i downloaded the whole 690 mb to see just that…wonderful!

now the second time around, i got this download manager called ‘free download manager‘ on windows. though i’d seen it in the lab i hadn’t got a download manager on this machine for a long time, mostly coz firefox integration was flaky so far…yes i know of flashgot. free download manager has proper firefox integration and adding mirrors and deciding no. of segments it’ll download separately and the amount of bandwidth it will use is more or less choosable. so with the defaults on and from the second mirror…i download the file. didn’t add mirrors, but finished it and did the same as before….again ‘root’… ‘toor’… ‘dhoor’….again login incorrect. so i posted on the forum about the problem and someone told me to match the md5 sums. i got a tool for windows to calculate it and both the times the md5’s were different from that given on the site but similar to each other.

after waitin’ for some days, a reply was posted on the thread sayin that i shud not use download managers…yeah right…i shud burn at 4x (that comes later) and if i download via ftp i shud use binary mode of transfer. so i tried downloading from the 3rd HTTP mirror and finished it a few hours ago…i selected binary mode of transfer though i wonder if it was valid here. again md5 calculated starts with 8 and officially it shud start with 9 😥

i’m yet to burn this image onto a disc and see if the ‘root’ ‘toor’ trouble does a hat trick 😛

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