Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | March 17, 2007

testing with transformation packs

UI is majorly what counts for ease of use ;p

the vista transformation pack that i tried before barely lasted a few days though it all was a new visual experience, but only thing was my mac os like firefox skin was just not blending in…firefox is the main thing that runs on this desktop so…i came upon this flyakiteosx transformation pack that screws up a lot of system files and settings, integrates a lot of small utilities that combine to give the whole effect. advantages of this pack is that control of what settings or styles to be applied can be pre-configured in an ini file for silent installation…as in no prompting. something’s wrong with ZA or something…being logged into a superuser account i still didn’t get the vista transformation pack to uninstall properly…anyways most of it has been overwritten by the osx pack and i’ve disabled most of the utilities it used for emulating the user interface more close to the vista (RTM??) one. One thing’s for sure…even apple’s tiger UI that’s released for quite a while now…is more informative and interesting to look and use than windows vista…e.g. the wireless connection icon. the sounds and menu transparencies are cool…i don’t care much about window transparency if its just for the title bar…graphite is awesome 😀

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