Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | March 27, 2007

making google talk load in your browser sidebar

this is how i learnt about it

  1. Bookmark –>this link<– .
    Right click and select “Bookmark This Link”.
  2. Select the bookmark from the Bookmarks menu, right click it and select properties.
  3. You might prefer to name it to something short like “GTalk”, if you hadn’t already.
  4. Check/tick the option “Load this bookmark in the sidebar
  5. Goto Bookmarks menu and select the bookmark to open it.
  6. Voila! ๐Ÿ˜› (didn’t work? probably you are using an imitation version of mozilla firefox). Mostly if you’re signed onto orkut or gmail or blogger, it picks up the login details if you click on “sign in”, else a webpage opens in main browser window where you enter the details.


  • It loads somewhat faster. Atleast that’s what i observed in pathetic Goa University.
  • It loads in the sidebar, so you can have it in view regardless of which webpage you are reading…unlike meebo, every time you see the title bar blinkin’ n u go zoooom! ‘what happened!!’ ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Each new conversation opens in a tab.


  • You need Adobe Flash. If you don’t already have it, Mozilla Firefox provides the easiest way to install the plugin. You could always test and check.
    For people without flash and with slow connection, checkout meebo.
  • Since it is in the sidebar itself, the viewing space is somewhat restricted. you could open it in a new window as well, but it’s not designed to alert you by flashing the window as meebo is.
  • No VoIP/voice chat, voicemail, although it allows playing of youtube videos and previewing Picasa Web Albums right within the chat window…now that’ll surely need some real estate on your screen…right? Given that it’s a flash app, those features shouldnt be difficult.

Currently the only way to log out properly is to wipe out all cookies. or to close the sidebar and not leave the computer unattended. it’s somewhat like meebo. after you sign out…it still remembers your login details…coz your browser remembers and re-signing in happens much faster.

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