Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 16, 2007

Stranger is Danger?

some observations are too dynamic to draw conclusions…but nothing stops a blog post 🙂

Lately I’ve seen a few of my friends n friend’s friends have the “don’t add me; no strangers; strangers plz don’t add (plz kah raha hai…so nice 😛 ), so i thought of doing a keyword search to follow the trend…separately among females and males. remember trends are for changing…so what did i find?

Girls for the majority of time maintain that “they don’t want strangers to a)add them b)scrap them c) visit their profile d) be their friends e) to be strangers. Since the keyword search searches every nook and cranny of the profile, so its not always so relevant. unless the word appears in ‘about me’ or the profile title. Boys on the other hand seem to be varied in their opinions, but its like the ones on the front page are like a)meeting strangers b)only friends with strangers c) don’t add if you’re not stranger… however if you traverse further than 5th page or so, you’ll see the occassional a)strangers betrayed b) i hate strangers c) strangers go away…
Umm….Who Is This STRANGER!!!
Well, what’s more fun but is left as an exercise for the reader is to observe the scrapbooks and the efforts of those mysterious uncomfortable strangers to be unstrangified and befriended…except of those who don’t like you to visit their profiles, but there are always ways 😀

Well it’s not that anyone minds people being wary of strangers…since strangers can be scarily ridiculous with their requests sometimes, but its fun to be ‘recreating observations’ under light of your own perception. 🙂

for the record, loooong back when we first got our net connection of 4.8KBps and my yahoo account for yahoo chat…they didn’t have a messenger back then, so i saw my cousins having multiple login names…which they clarified as being additional profiles. so i added one of mine for the public chatrooms. ‘dontalkwithme’ . 😀 just to see the effect and at that age, cousins were saying…quite a lot of PM’s for you…you’re just new to all this and aaj se hi yeh! and then they saw the profile name aroused interest. let me also say…i didn’t turn my gender setting in the account to female, which i know some guys try to get to chat with ppl, instead of being sworn at unnecessarily.

UPDATE: the link to the search queries do not map correctly as the search gets converted to a UniversalSearch which includes communities, topics (this is new!!) and mixes the genders. so you gotta set the gender filters under users search and search for ‘strangers’ yourself.


  1. hehe

    pretty funny

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