Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 29, 2007

random blurbs

i’ve had enough already. i’m so full. just want to taste the void. this void i created

i made 10 strangers today. hint: strangers are opposites or the de-evolved forms of friends…like if you recall the post on strangers. yeah i like it…its almost like slimming down. you never know when you become the excess fat in my friendlist 🙂

pedha with chocolate icing of cake mixed up is yummy! u hold the dry side n put in the dark side…the katkate side…clean sin 🙂

those mandatory tags with angle brackets seem to be pointed out of no reason n i want to keep this post unstructured unlike any of the previous ones …esp. the tag-a-long one…till later perhaps.

no sleep again! hope not to miss ze flight in afternoon.

i’m being tortured in hell and yet the heat doesn’t affect me. i’m not the devil nor his chachera/mamera/masera relative, yet i have enough support to keep me from goin insane with these recurring thoughts of making a few people sleep a little longer than they can hold their breaths in my head. i don’t want to name them, i don’t want to know them, i don’t want to see them…alive. but its just the live ppl who suffer isn’t it? pain of loss? y’know then who i’d really want to sing a recursive lullaby to?…hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

my brain’s so fucked up and i need to let all these raw thoughts come out. don’t feel like rhythmising them…no disguise, no surprise, no lies

nothing good to write here is there? oh yes the pedhas…they were good. thanks to toilet terror. happy birthday and happy rhce :p

gotta rush now…last minute tasks…last hour minute (“my newt”…not “me neat”) tasks.

Shades of death are all I see
Fragments of what used to be

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