Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 25, 2007

comments on “Five crucial things the [GNU] Linux community doesn’t understand”

although majorly based on the article here. this ain’t a counter article…not totally a copy-paste either…but something on the lines of what the linux community misses understanding about the people on the other side.

first and foremost, a lot of these are from general observations majorly. as far as considering the linked article above…the mac option is not really a serious option, not all would want to pay that much of a premium for the robustness of unix. people are happy with virus definitions updated till 24th may….it doesn’t matter if the year of the update is 2006. so now lets check out what the 5 points say : –

  1. On the whole, users aren’t all that dissatisfied with Windows
    true. to a large extent as i see, since you have vendors building drivers for windows for all hardware they make while linux has to wait for people with hearts and brains. people also develop the attitude of carrying on with the viruses doing their own work and using up the cpu cycles. who said windows is not multiuser. at any given time, an unprotected computer has more users of its resources…not all human. you can’t help it if people compare your pc slowing down to how humans slow down with aging. its the same pc…and often its the same version of windows and you use it just for office stuff…and probably just a few random downloads…but if only you are using the bandwidth, you are using the computer, you are workin on one application at a time and maybe some are going on in the background, is it supposed to just slow down…just because the machine completed 2 years? but you can’t help it…windows users have been conditioned to think that way.
  2. Too many distros
    this is one place where windows users (potential migrants) prefer to get some advise from people they know well…like advice on buying. never ever suggest distrowatch. it will not impress them…it will just boggle their minds and toggle them back to windows. it’s always better to shortlist the distros based on

    • popularity
    • machine specification. vector linux or xubuntu for old machines and fedora 6 for a spankin new core 2 duo monster.
    • major tasks carried out with the aid of the computer…this is tough, but insisting on it will help you narrow down to distros that cater that section of users.
    • need for restricted formats. don’t make a newbie’s entrance to linux unenjoyable with distros that are full of philosophy lectures and not a single plugin or codec to view or play his existing files…lectures are bed-time stories. kids do learn moral of such stories…but they should not be overwhelming.
    • anything else?


  3. People want certainty that hardware and software will work
    This issue can be resolved more and more as more branded pc makers tie up with distro makers and ship pre-installed linux boxes with hardware that they test for the included hardware. if the hardware sales generate some funding for the development of open source drivers…then thing shouldn’t be looking as bad. as with trying out any new stuff, it takes time to adapt to the controls. it depends on how quickly a person is able to rest his mind and absorb the new environment with a calm mind. i feel those people who aren’t coding the linux driver but are more involved in pestering the manufacturers to either release full specifications or linux version of device driver for their device are doing a great job too…in time, things will look up.
  4. As far as most people are concerned, the command line has gone the way of the dinosaur
    if one is talkin of MS-DOS. it was, is and will be, crippled. you should only do formatting, scandisking, emergency booting, virus checking and windows reinstallations in that…anything else is an experiment at your risk.
    the command line in linux is not only several times more usable. bash history, color codings, etc. and the terminal emulators for X are super-sleek with some desktops featuring true transparency to observe 2 shell screens simultaneously…ok that’s too hifi…well if remembering commands are difficult, one way you can learn is to practice…to use the linux side of your machine more. the other way could be to write em down. a third way could be to create aliases to difficult command names. for e.g i could play all ogg’s in a directory with $play *.ogg $ is the bash prompt. bash is the shell’s name. prompt is equivalent to DOS prompt…yadda yadda yadda 😛 workin on command line is useful as unlike bitmapping every icon on the GUI to point n click at a superfast rate without looking…keyboard keys always stay in the same place. most distros, esp. like i’ve seen puppy linux comes with such a lot of GUI tools, that a person need not use the shell at all…besides the default install does not come with any development environment…so no need to be part of BCLU at the same time 😉
  5. Linux is still too geeky
    defining something geeky is as debatable as defining something as user-friendly. it depends on who is calling linux is geeky. if windows goes bad, whaddya do? call ms support? paagal ho gaya kya? call your vendor? what are they goin to do? check out your hardware specs…first by lookin in control panel and then by unscrewin the cabinet. then they would try reinstalling the application that seems to be the most unresponsive. n then they will reinstall windows. believe me, this is the pathetic state of computer engineer (whom i always rightly call as comp. donkey) and its even worse these days…they’ll load a pirated copy of windows xp and then expect the customer to have a copy of the windows xp cd. itna forgetfool!!?? so where are the good ones gone? off to some other better jobs. i have had the good luck of having some bit smart but mostly hard-working comp. engineers who worked out solutions on the fly…such people exist…but the pay in this career doesn’t justify their skills…..

errmm….what was the topic about really? 😉 well people, before you leave the page without a comment….one thing to note. if you are searching for linux. start searching from google’s linux page. i was searchin for linux installation videos and i ended up with home videos of a dog named linux…hey ain’t the name trademarked? 🙂

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