Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 28, 2007

finally i can visually demo linux power….muhahaha

some months back i’d discovered camstudio which is used to do screen capture on windows to make videos of what’s goin on on screen…not the mosquitoes that are crawlin over it. it’s useful to create demo videos…like how do you do a certain task in a GUI app…its not so much a pain in TUI (text user interface) as for that i can write the sequence of commands right here. but everyone uses and knows windows…isn’t it? so i needed one for linux. vector linux packages xvidcap in the distro itself….else also available in the repos. i’d started it before but didn’t get it workin last time…today i did a test vid of few seconds…just poppin up the kicker menu n goin thru it n things went fine. it created a .mpeg file using divx codec…or so the settings said.

as a convention movies run smooth when the fps is 30 or above…but how much fps (frames per second) is needed to capture screen n save as videos?

UPDATE: looks like i’m yet to figure out some more details especially about gettin sound recorded also as well as gettin a decent framerate…for screen demos the current demo might look like a time-lapse video but it does a fair enough job

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